Damn the Runners – Ruckers out Front!

Ever wanted to do a ½ marathon, but really don’t have a desire to run the whole, damn, thing.  Would you rather cover 13.1 miles while enjoying some #fellowship, and doing it for a good cause?  This year we have the perfect opportunity for you #winwin.

F3 and The Iron Project have teamed up with the folks that run the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon to introduce the Rucking Division for the ½ marathon.  Participants will cover 13.1 miles at a 15:00 min/mile or better pace #nosweat.  There will be weight classes – 30lb in your ruck for those over 150lbs and 20lbs for those under 150lbs #setthosescales.

So Coop Dog, why on earth should I do this?  Can’t I just go out and ruck with my fellow F3’ers any day of the week?  Sure you can #speedruckonFridays.  But if you look closely on the calendar you’ll notice that the marathon and Veteran’s Day fall pretty close this year.  So this year we are not just trying to better ourselves #ISI, we are also raising funds for Special Operations Survivors #SOS.  These are the folks that take care of families of special operations troops that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.  10% of all rucking division entry fees goes to SOS.

Coop, this sounds great and I’m in, but is there something special that we get to commemorate our participation?  Yup, because this is a rucking event and we know how you weirdos feel about patches, OBT is working with GORUCK to develop a unique patch for the ½ ruckers.  The current plan is to give these out at the finish line, but you better hurry up and sign up to make sure we have a good count #justf’ingsignup.

Coop, that’s really cool, but I’m #insertlegitreasonhere and can’t make the ruck.  Is there another way I can participate?  Absolutely, SOS has set up a site where you can go donate funds to help their cause.  Here is the link:


Register for the rucking division:


And just in case you need to know one of the folks this benefits, here you go –



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