What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is a goin on here?

Ahhh.. Thursday. ThursdayThursdayThursday.  Uniquely sandwiched between the notorious Humpday of Weddnesday and the ever effervescent Friday, Thursday can be difficult to manage.  It can be overlooked, as a mere stepping stone.

However, the men of F3 took on Thursday in a most surprising of fashion.  As the Q was in absentia, YHC took in upon himself to pull a beatdown out of his back pocket.  DoReMi made a reference to where he would prefer that I kept this particular workout. Except, he referenced an area between my back pockets, and suggested I shove this workout so far up that area that it not see the sun shine for many years.


heres what we did:

Quick COP with THE STANDARD.   Like Trump tweeting something goofy at 230 in the morning, I can be counted on.

Head to the rails for 11’s with inboard rows and hammer curls–affectionately known as The BallChinian in the world of core– all done in cadence.   Wth our arms sufficiently smoked, we went to the picnic shelter.

Once there, we Ddid Bulgarian split squats–single count, 10 each leg–and then goblet squats in cadence, proper form and elbows to knees.

now that our arms and legs were smoked, what’s left besides ab work?  mosey to the bleachers for straight leg lifts ( old school form, with your legs dangling off the bench and your hands over your head holding the bench) and LBC’s.

Juuuuuuuuuuust enough time for some skull crushers and chest presses.


NMM:  great beatdown, if I do say so myself.  Great in the sense that it sucked.  pax in rare form…… Lil W :  I NEED TO GET TO A VET….CUS THESE PYTHONS ARE SICK!! ( double flexing his guns when he said this).   later, Lil W suggested we make Napatizers…..oh boy.   Several requests for 10 counts, which means that we were pushing hard.

My recording of the name o rama is a classic.  If a group of men ever sounded spent…… this was the group.


Announcements:  Core party needs appetizers. remember Motleys house at 4 this sunday.


keefer’s b day 10.21 .  dm me fr details.

no tunes today.  sorry bout that.

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