Tesla day at the Charge

Welcome to a the best AO in F3 history, The Charge! Where you can see stars and full moons, run on a cork track, do burpees on a heated field, and run all the stadium steps you want! It is F3’s version of Valhalla come to earth in real time. So why wouldn’t YHC make the 30 minute drive from Lake Wylie to do much less lead this event once a week event? This edition went something like this:

Mosey from the parking lot to center of the field for COP.

SSH X 20

5 burpees OYO

IW X20

5 burpees OYO

Slow squats X 10

5 burpees OYO

Merkins X 20

Mountain climbers X 20

Mosey to the goal line for partner work

P1 – run the length of the field and run back.

P2 – Jump squats till P1 returns


2nd round

P1 – Karaoke down run back

P2 – Merkins till P1 returns

Flap jack

3rd round

P1 – lunge walk to the 50

P2 – Merkins till

Flap jack

4th round

broad jump (whole pax) to the 50

Belly flops back, every 10 yards.

Mosey to the stadium stairs

Triple nickel # 1

5 dirkins, run steps, 4 merkins up top. Repeat 5 times

Triple nickel # 2

5 dips,, run steps, 5 LBCs, 5 times

Mosey back to the field

People’s chair

air presses X 20

Hip slaps 5 each side

5 burpees – train!

Plank slalom:

goal to 50 plus, pax planks on sidelines while each member runs agility drill between pax “Indian style”.

Mosey up to parking lot for short version of Mary

10 SSH

10 merkins

10 SSH

10 hand release merkins.




Great work by all pax on an awesome fall morning. Charge is a great AO with even better and if it wasn’t YHC would no be there! Why aren’t you? We’re there. Come join us in the gloom someday. You might REALLY like it!


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