Atilla last week

Here is a [tardy] backblast from last Friday’s Atilla workout. (Sorry it is so slow being posted, but I departed right after the workout and traveled all weekend.)

We began in the parking lot with stretches, then we jogged the long way up to the deck just above, then…

DECK: SSH, 10X merkins, Peoples Chair + Air Presses, 10x Donkey Kicks, Peoples Chair + Air Presses, 15x Donkey Kicks, 15x Donkey Kicks, Jump Squats.  Then a mosey down to the…

ROCK PILE: 15x Triceps Ext, 15x Ball Chinians, 15x Greg Louganis, 25x bicycle, rinse/repeat the foregoing for three cycles.  Then we moseyed up to the…

GRASS: 8 Count Body Builders, Plank>> Kareoke, Bird Dog >> Kareoke, Maktar Jives >> Kareoke, 4 count diag LBCs >> Kareoke, Bear Crawl, Dollies / Flutters / Rosalitas.  Then we finished with 8 OYO Burpees.

We did two relatively new exercises: 4 count Diag LBCs, and the 8 count Bodybuilders.  These seemed to be heartily enjoyed by the PAX.

I did observe that the mumble chatter tailed off midway through the Rock Pile sequence.  Not sure why.  I did observe that both Rope A Dope and Rev were swinging some bodacious stones around, while the rest of us were moving mere pebbles.  I was impressed.

Announcements were few.  Little W took us out with his customary eloquence and dignity.

I confess to some good bit of nervousness every time I Q.  My fellow Core Qs set a high standard, and I aim to reach the same mark.  I do it mostly because I dont believe in being a freeloader.  But I do seek to improve, so I enjoy helpful criticism.  Having said all of that, after the workout begins it turns into fun pretty fast.  I love being with you fellows.


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