Like I Planned it. Juuuuust Like I planned it.

So when you double down with MIP as your second beatdown, you lighten up a little in your first beatdown.  Maybe you do the joggy jog instead of running.  Perhaps you sub a  few flying squirrels in place of burpees.  Or do your merkins with your crevice so high you look like an a frame.  whatever it is, you lighten up a little.

Unfortunately for YHC,  Skoal brought the funkadelic to Core and I had to let my Freak Flag Fly.  So by the time I got to MIP the tank was close to empty.  Luckily, the pax were very energetic and it was contagious.  Kinda like small pox.

Here’s what we done did:

COP with THE STANDARD.  Because YHC values consistency above all else.

Mosey down the street towards the park, stopping to pick up rocks for all of us.  Continue the mosey to the soccer field and divide into groups of three. Line up your rocks, then fall in b ehind them.  Pax does called exercise while taking turns picking up your rock and advancing it to a spot picked by the pax.  lay your rock down, run back, next guy runs.   the idea was to not run that far.  But, one team ran practically the whole way before they laid their rock down.  so when we got to the end of the field, we came back by stopping at each line and leaving your rock.

after this was exhausting, we went to the bridge for 2 rounds of  waves.  Get in decline position, and do a derkin after the guy next to you does one.  hold plank, and catch the wave coming back.

Repeato x 2  then do the same thing but flat on your back as a straight leg lift.

return rocks, then race back.  and by race I mean this:  all of the pax take off except pigskin.  after a 10 second start, pigskin chases.  for every pax caught, 1 burpee must be done at the end.  Unless….. Pigskin doesn’t catch Marv. If Piggy can’t catch marvey, no Burpees.

Thanks marv. We all owe you one.

Finish with mary.  Cuz that’s all I had left.


NMM: great turnout today. Lost my mind a few times–including forgetting to do count before name o rama. Lots of fun with the nicknames, which were based on favorite band if we could not come up with anything else.


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