SAT’s and the Widowmaker

20 showed up for the Premier Sat. workout in Metro called Mustang.  And it went a little something like this. Yes Virginia Mustang has a BB.

Run down to corner of Runnymede and Barclay Downs – SSH – 20x, Squats – 15x, Merkins – 15x.

Run up Barclay Downs to Carnegie stopping at each stop sign and speed bump and do 5 burpees OYO and then end with 50 LBC’s at the top.

Run up Carnegie to Capital Towers. Run to the top of the parking deck stopping at each corner and increase Hand Release Merkins x1 at each.  Total of a Sh**load of HR Merkins.  Sprint length of parking deck x2 stopping at the wall each time for 10 donkey kicks. Rosalita – 15x, Freddie Mercury – 15x.

Run back down to the bottom of Capital Towers stopping again at each turn and do 10 jump squats. Total – A sh**load of Jump Squats. LBC’s – 20x, Flutter – 15x

Run back down Barclay Downs stopping at each speed bump and stop sign and do 10 Russian Twists at each.

Run over to AG to Ramos Annex for 11’s – Dips & Derkins.

20 Steps ups.

Head back to Colony via Selwyn Elem. cut through.  Run up Spackler’s stopping at the speed bump and Myers Park entrance and do 10 Spiderman Merkins.  Head back to COT. Done.


–  5 plus miles this am starting with 1 mile uphill and 35 burpees. Bam!  Capital Towers never disappoint and haven’t been overcome with the stench of urine and vomit yet. No stairs, just ramps today.  Lee forgot to bring his keys to the stairs.

– OK so how in the hell was Hillary mistaken for a student getting ready for SAT’s.  He was asked by a someone driving by if he was here to take the SAT’s? Seriously?  Well, anyway good luck Hills. Hope you did well. At least you get 700 for signing your name. #backtoschool.

– Welcome FNG’s Open Door and Gilmore (as in Happy) to Mustang.  Open Door had a WTF look on his face after getting his name #don’task,  and Gilmore didn’t look happy at all running up Barclay Downs for a mile.  Oh well. Good work out there guys and welcome to Metro.  Speaking of names, Dredd asked where have all the true haters at Mustang gone?  The same ones that named Widowmaker back in the day. Whatever happened to that guy anyway? Don’t think he’s been back since.



– Billingsville every Tuesday and AG every Thursday.

– This Wed. from 8-9:30am  – Amazon Open Innovation Community Forum at the UNCC Center City.  #hivestorm.

T-claps Hillary for the takeout and Holtz and Waco for volunteering me to Q last week and then not showing up today. Always a pleasure to lead the Stang crew. #topnotch.

” If you’re going through Hell, keep going”  – Winston Churchill

Until We Meet Again

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  • October 9, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    Truth CalfMonster. Lots of love at the Mustang. It confused me.

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