Back to School


Growing up in Charlotte there are certain areas that always stand out to me as perpetually Charlotte areas.  Some that come to mind are the now defunct coliseum area, the re-birth of the uptown area the Southpark transformation, and the East Blvd Corridor.

The Epicurean comes to mind when I first think about this area (now a seasonal lot?), as does Alpine Ski Center – and my first roller blades.  300 east ruled the street for 30 years. The Key Man Building, still there but no idea whats in it. Then there’s the old blockbuster, the circle K, the Teeter Thai Taste, Thai Thai, Outback and of course the Greek Orthodox Church. This place is a Charlotte top 5 street for classic quality restaurants and now nightlife to boot.

But we weren’t there to chow down, we were there to get after it, the weather was perfect and we were off

The Thang

Warmup at Caribou (living on Lombardy for a number of years it’ll always be Caribou/breuggers to me)

  • 25 SSH
  • 20 Low Slow Squats
  • 15 Long Slow Merkins

Up East and cross Kenilworth, impromptu burpee stop as the pax tighten up

Up Kenilworth and left on Pierce… we were heading back to school

St. Patrick’s was my elementary school and I had quite an experience as a youth walking those halls.  The terrazzo floors and full wythe stone walls were certainly a stoic place to receive an elementary education.

The Sister act was phasing out by the time I’d arrived.  We spent many a day out in the yard at recess and had many a lesson on how to win and how to loose on our frequent football games down at the lower field.

It was time to relive those days and bring the pax back to where it all started.

Partner Up in the parking lot for some Recess


Run to the top of the hill

Crab walk to the bottom

Sprint to the street at Romany

Backwards run back to the hill

Bear Crawl up the hill and back to P2


10 Pullups

15 Long Slow Squats

15 Dips

10 Merkins

Repeat 4 times

The timing seemed to work well.  Playground is nicely set-up for a solid session.  Just like I remembered.  Next time I’m bringing the b-ball for some 3v3.

Next move was to skip school and head down towards Latta Park.

Down the hill we went again and across both lower fields to the train track sculpture.  Interestingly enough, this was built from old tracks excavated from the East Blvd trolley, true story.

Down the path to Latta stopping at each of the light poles, 8 I think, alternating between flutters, and merkins

stop at the wall at Latta for some plank action and some dips

back down the path towards St Pats.  I had fully intended on working back in some carpool-esque workout but time was running short.

opted for a right turn uphill towards East and then let the pax loose on the mile downhill sprint back to the AO.


Twas a beautiful morn for a walk down memory lane.  The pax were strong with Red out front and a return trip from Shark, Ricky Bobby is back in race suit formation, Paula and Mariah were talking politics, there was a common bard owl tracking us through the park, St Paul has perfect cadence now and can’t get the meow mix song out of his head…or was it Minneapolis…IDK,

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Oh and the video audit didn’t yield much in the way of useable footage..Daylight savings needs to come soon if these videos are gonna stop suckin.

Here’s the link anyways:

Enjoyed it boys!

Thanks Red for the opportunity




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