BASTION Chariots of Fire

ON Thursday, October 5th, 2017 two things happened.  One, my Dad celebrated his 67th birthday.  Two, the men of Bastion got after it.  Despite the somewhat muggy weather 19 men joined together in harmony to conquer the day.  Here’s what happened…

Extra Credit 0515

YHC rambled on into the gloom running about one mile doing merkins, squats, SSH and LBC’s (BY HIMSELF).  It was lonely but it was needed.  Circled back around to pick up the Pax for the THANG…

STUFF 0530

YHC mumbled the disclaimer, picked up the Pax at the Shovel Flag (foreshadowing) and sauntered over to the parking lot next to the Hot Box (waving to F3 yoga on the way).  Circle up for whisper cadence of SSC, Abe Vigoda and Imperial Walkers all x5 (quick).  Sauntered over to the closest block.  Partner up – P1 runs Right P2 runs left meet on the far end for 20 hand slap merkins, criss cross (will make ya jump) back around to the opposite end for another 20 hand slap merkins.  Do all of that 3x = 120 merkins and 1 mile.

Mary while the six finishes including flutter, LBC and heels to heaven.

Mosey over to Woodlark for a small run stopping at each street light for 10 jump squats.  10 street lights = 100 jump squats (#smoked). Plank whilst we wait.

Mosey over to the intersection of Andover stopping on the way for 5 burpees OYO.  Was 0602 and YHC was about to start Jack Webbs but noted that Pax were exactly 1 mile from the shovel flag and that they should leave from the current spot in JUST enough time to make it to the shovel flag by 0615 assuming AYG.  Last man would leave at 0608.  Made it to 8 merkins and 32 air presses before the last train left the station.

All Pax made it back to the shovel flag with all they had and a great way to finish.  FIN


Great effort by the Pax today.  Very little mumble chatter on the laps and hand slap merkins due to low O2.  Some good discussion during COT and prayers up for the repose of the soul of a close family member.  We are thinking of the family and loved ones during this very trying time of sadness.  A constant reminder to live every day to the fullest – you don’t know how many more you have left.  God Bless…


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