Lazy can be Painful

So…I accidentally signed up to Q 2 days in a row,  Which can be hard, since you don’t want to do the same thing twice, and yet you don’t want to come up with 2 work outs so close to eachother that are unique cuz you will get a headache–kinda like a brain freeze.   So …YHC had bricks in the truck from fortitude, and as only I can offer, cafeteria trays.  Put them both together and you have something close to the lunch lady–minus the fun of hairnets, aprons, and poly gloves.

Here’s how the fun and frivolity happened at The Charge:

COP: the Standard.  Until E=MC2 is proven wrong, we will do the standard.

Grab a cafeteria tray and 2 bricks. Mosey to the football field.  Line up on the goaline for BLIMPS. In between each round, push your cafeteria tray to the 20–wait make that the 10–yardline and back.  All of the Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, merkins, Plank jacks and squats were done with bricks.  5,20,15,20,25,30 for the stack, then unstack.

Pull he plug when Pigskin and John Deere are done.

Show offs.

A little mary while we try to get our heads on straight, then mosey to the bleachers.

3 rounds  of flies and LBC’s.

Mosey back for 2 minutes of Mary.


NMM: Light group today.  I blame Nibbler for spying on what I had in my truck and telling everyone to stay home.  I wouldn’t be so paranoid if everyone wasn’t following me and recording my thoughts.

This was waaaaaay too hard to do when it is this muggy.   Don’t plan on seeing this workout again till it gets a lot cooler and dryer.


Thanks for being there this a.m.  Awful but worth it!!

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