Turds. Double turds!

SO I was delayed on getting the BB up for MIP in a timely fashion and channeled my Inner Rick Patino which caused me to self impose the Q at Fortitude as appropriate amends. And then, I got swamped at work so that I am again delayed in getting a BB up.  This time my inner Rick Patino has given me an option of looking the other way on the illicit activities of Slaughter ( he mis understood and offered Stickers instead of Strippers, but the intention was the same) or take an illegal show contract and keep the money that should have gone to my university.

I think I’ll go with the $$ cash on the shoe deal.  Unfortunately, the leading shoe companies are Rockport and the folks that make the Velcro shoes for really really old folks.


Here’s what we did at Fortitude:

COP with THE STANDARD.   Because despite all of the temptations, I am consistent.

Each Pax grabbed 2 bricks out of THE  official F100 of F3 and headed down the road.  Went farther than I planned on as I missed my turn but nobody noticed so we went to the grassy area in front of 7-11.  Carried the bricks above our heads periodically.

Arrived at the 7-11 and did 11’s with BRICKINS ( registered trademark) and lunges.  Brickins are merkins with bricks where you bring the brick to your hip in between merkins.  Lunges were done clapping the bricks under your knee when you went forward.

After this nastiness, mosey under the bridge and do peoples chair with arm presses till our shoulders wore out.

Mosey to the Uhaul place and use their smooth surface for flies and LBC’s.

Mosey back and wind up with some Mary.


NMM:  Sooooo..only one part of this was really nasty and that was the Brickins.  I know they were nasty because Slaughter kept asking me if I was ok which is just his way of getting some rest in while pretending to give a sh*t about me.   Oz and Maybe are strong, like really strong not pretend strong like me.

Lots of FNG’s today.  “Frankenstein” said Edgar Winter Group was his favorite band.  So Crates was Socrates as he was from Athens before Thruster changed it–and it was a good change.   AWB said he liked ” black bands and white bands” . Cone head is from Paris–seemed like a stretch to me. Hot Boys is from Detroit–not sure why this worked.

In closing, I spent a good bit of time talking to Carrier’s wife at the Core 5 year party Friday night.  Carrier must be something special, cuz she loveyloveyloves him.  Saw OBT at HT in Midweird on Sunday.   The clerk couldn’t identity the type of grass digested by the Goats in the Goat cheese, so he smacked him in the face with it.

Really….I saw it happen.

Never met Maybe or Oz before. Their pretty cool. Not cool like Thrust, but pretty cool.


maradona threw his rocks down a sewer drain.  I will charge him $4.65 for each brick.


Come join Fortitude. its a lot of fun.  and, then I won’t have to Q and I can goof off like slaughter.

2 thoughts on “Turds. Double turds!

  • October 12, 2017 at 7:02 am

    “Slaughter kept asking me if I was ok which is just his way of getting some rest in while pretending to give a sh*t about me”…and all this time, I thought he cared…#eyesopened

  • October 12, 2017 at 7:04 am

    “The Hot Boys is an American hip hop group consisting of both past and present Cash Money Records rappers Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G. and Turk”

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