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This is the part where I make an attempt at something serious (unlike the backblast), and hopefully something here sticks.  But one way or another, you hear me, and by writing it, I hold myself accountable for doing it too.  So here it is… over the next year, I’m asking you to buy into a charitable cause, something that you have everything to give and really nothing to gain/profit from… something unselfish. You can donate your money, volunteer, prayers or anything positive to that cause. Just pick something, I think that in doing so, you’ll realize how much YOU’RE actually getting out of it in personal growth, and the impact that it will have on you. If you’re short on ideas, go to just one SPEED FOR NEED race in the next year, and run alongside or push a racing chair and rider.  You’ll get the idea.  In fact, here’s an easy cause to get behind… helping solve the cure for breast cancer, which 1 in 8 women (12.5%) in the USA are diagnosed with in their lifetime. Count your M, your kids, your mother, and a few other family members and that’s 8 right there.  I’m attaching the event video of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure from this past weekend that was so well received by the community (16,000 views in three days thanks to Molly Grantham). F# men had the honor of pushing 4 ladies fighting breast cancer in racing chariots (2 of them were stage 4 fighters) to the finish line.  Watch it at home with your families, then take the challenge… find your cause, and get behind it.


23 men were baited into posting at Bandit by Red Fox’s Tweet of an “all-star lineup” of Q’s the day before.  Such creative Metro workout marketing (no emojis, gif’s or multi-region tagging) worked, as 1 FNG (PMS) and 1 site FNG (88) showed up.  YHC thinks you all expected East Coast Ice9 to be the Q, but he was busy trying to get 13 other guys to dry heave at Promo, and you got stuck with the Fightin’ Mongol who brought out the multi-colored fleet of SPEED FOR NEED racing chairs… Don’t worry, they don’t have that Chinese Lead Paint on it. #MericanMade #23Bandit>14Promo


So Red Fox is running the Charlotte Marathon Relay with SPEED FOR NEED on Veterans Day, and he’s the only non-veteran pushing the team of 5 WW2 Veterans 95-102yrs old in the race.  Dudes that are 3X his age.  No word back on whether any of them are willing to hold his 2.0 Leo in their chariot for the ride.  So homeboy needed some practice…. so here we go.

  • Quick disclaimer and instruction on operation of racing chairs in gravel lot
  • Mosey across to Freedom Park, circle up, SSH, IW, and then Tolkien’s 35 Merkin Superset (regular > wide > diamond/R hand forward > L hand forward > R leg high > L leg high).
  • Count off in groups of 4, each group stick with 1 of the 4 racing chairs. Progression run: 1 PAX pushing / 1 PAX riding in the chariot across the parking lot, flapjack, CDDs at the end while waiting for the 6. Repeato until everyone goes twice.
  • Mosey over to the Lurker for hill repeats with the chariot. PAX 1 pushes another PAX to speed bump 1, flapjack. Rest of PAX runs backwards up hill every other speed bump.  Repeat Lurker twice.
  • Over to the Megatool Hill… 1 PAX pushes another up the hill, flapjack halfway. Rest of PAX run forwards to top.
  • Mosey back to the Freedom Park lot for AYG sprints races…  PAX race against chariot (1 PAX pushing 1 PAX riding). Burpee penalties for whoever lost the sprint.
  • Mosey back to starting point for another Merkin Superset cut down to 29 reps.
  • FINITO! Just under 4 miles total, with a lot of AYG sprints mixed in ain’t bad. Thanks to MMOB for a legit takeout.


Whew! It’s been a while since YHC has been to a bootcamp, “training” for NYC Marathon and consumed with all things SPEEDFORNEED.  YHC thinks everyone had a good time this morning with a bit of a change-up workout that you don’t normally see in Metro. TBD whether tomorrow there will be an uprising by Metro Royalty about maintaining quality control of workouts at Bandit!  Couple of musings, as YHC was mostly focused on making sure you clowns didn’t wreck the equipment all morning ahead of our weekend race!

Valdez won #WarDaddy for the day, thanks for not spilling anything in our chairs today, merlot or another bodily fluid that leaks with age.  Welcome 24yr old FNG “PMS” who got named because his last name is Moody.  Very witty, YHC was going to go with a softer name with a lot of padding… like Maxi, but PMS is good… aggressive.  MMOB looked very comfortable getting in some mary when riding in the racing chair up the hill.  YHC wonders how many sprints he actually did, or did he ride the entire time?  Fun stuff this morning. No torn hamstrings with AYG sprints is a win.  No messed up equipment on the chariots is another win.  Hopefully you all got a chance to experience what it feels like to push these racing chairs, and what the people riding in them will experience.  Thanks R-Fox for the invite to come Q. Really enjoyed it, and always great to meet new F3 Nation brothers even though y’all look-alike in the gloom (yes I know… there’s only 1 of me).




  • Sign up to join the SPEED FOR NEED Team at the Carolinas Medical Center Hopebuilders 5K this Saturday to support our 4 riders. FiA will be pushing two riders, and F3 Nation will be pushing 2 riders (Egypt and Tree Killer pushing his 2.0). Online sign up ends today at 5:00PM but you can sign up in person at RFYL Thurs or Fri, or on race day at event.  If you can’t race, show up to support our riders, F3, and FiA for a half hour, there are kids activities and stuff for the whole family!  Here is Egypt’s preblast:

~ JRR Tolkien @JRRTolkienF3 @F3SpeedForNeed

2 thoughts on “Buy Into Something

  • October 11, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Tolkien – I thrive off the energy and motivation you have brought to F3 these days. You took an idea and made it scalable, like “The Facebook” or “Tinder”. Build it and they will come is exactly what you and Nash have done. Thanks for the opportunity to participant as I’m sure I will get just as much out of this as the riders. I’m already bought it and thankful your making it so easy for the rest of us to support the community.

    As for today’s workout- sucktastic. We have had a string of new Qs at Bandit that have really mixed it up. Good for all of us. I was so excited to push the chairs I didn’t think through my partner choice. Teaser Pony and his linebacker frame was a great pick for the downhills, just not uphill… need to get some electric motors to assist with heavier loads. “That’s what she said.”

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