Born to Run?

42 years ago “BRUCE” had his first hit “Born to Run”.  Are we really tramps?

Time does fly, indeed.  With this in mind we did the following:

15 seal jacks, 15 IWs, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 John Travoltas, Plank – 6 inches. Recover.  Mosey down Radcliff to Freedom Park.

As PAX regrouped did 15 LBCs, Merkins Medley 5 each of diamonds, regular, wide arms.  Mosey to towards Princeton and collect half way through the park.

Partner up:  Partner 1 up the steps to top of hill 1 burped, stay left behind building to rails 5 each of inboard and outboard pull ups, stay left and back down the hill.  Partner 2: 10 each of dips and derkins till partner returns.  Flap Jack/2 times.  Recover.

Continue down towards Princeton, over bridge up nature Museum parking lot to Sterling.  Recover.  Left on Sterling and stop at Wellesley.

Two options:  up Wellesley back to AO or continue down Sterling to East up Radcliiff to AO.  PAX split 7/10.

Motley kept the PAX engaged with some Merry as Q brought up the 6. Good to see 17 this am (Motley and DRM back after illness).

Grateful to be Q and part of the group of men.  My pleasure to Q!



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