We all deal with conflicts everyday.  Some conflicts are easier to manage than others.

Last week, Crotch Rocket signed up to Q Fortress today as the kickoff to his 50th Birthday Weekend Celebration. Late Wed. night, CR bowed out because of a “conflict” on Thursday evening.  Said “conflict” evidently involved CR attending the Panthers game as photos circulated on social media during halftime of CR & Haywood at the stadium.  One can only assume the two HIMs were discussing how to piggyback F3 Foundation on F3 Expansion…

When CR announced he needed a sub for today, YHC took the call from the bullpen. Knowing CR likely wasn’t the only Pax dealing with the same “conflict” plus the late-night Cubs winner-takes-all playoff game in addition to the weather forecast calling for rain around 6 AM, YHC wasn’t expecting a huge crowd this morning.  Surprised to see 15 of Metro’s finest show up in the Gloom for their Friday downpainment.

The Thang

Run to the front of Trinity Pres church
COP: SSH x 25, Mountain Climbers x 20, Flutters x 20

Mosey to Providence Prep
COP: Squats x 20, Merkins x 15, Heels to Heaven x 20

Head to Hot Box – everyone group a Booty Block
COP: Curls/ Overhead Press/ Squats x 12 each
Return blocks – line up
Rd 1: Sprint to other side/ 10 Pullups/ Sprint back/ Plank
Rd 2: Sprint to other side/ 15 Donkey Kicks/ Sprint back/ Plank

Leave Hot Box and run to St. Gabes via Sharon Amity entrance
Grab some rail in top parking lot: Dips/ Derkins x 15 each
Circle up: R Oblique/ L Oblique x 12 each
Cruise down to lower parking lot: suicides across the parking lot
Run through the middle parking lot and bunny hop the steps

Mosey to Rutledge stopping at Fielding
HR Merkins x 10 at Fielding, Speed bump and Gresham
Karaoke from Gresham to Chandler
75% down Chandler to round-about
Copperhead Squats x 20 (I/C)
Diamonds x 10 OYO sprint up to Montclair Diamonds x 10 OYO

Bounce down Montclair to Robin Rd stop sign
Fortress Finish: AYG up Montclair to Shovel Flag

-A51’s The Shore whose son Nathan has been missing since Monday
-Hollins who lost his younger brother last week

No clue to status of F3 Expansion since CR couldn’t post due to his “conflict.”

T-claps to Chips for keeping YHC straight when leading exercises in cadence.  Chips counts loudly and correctly so YHC doesn’t lose track of the # of reps.  Truly appreciate him keeping me on task.

Not sure but at St. Gabe’s, YHC thought he heard GAAP threaten to take off his shirt.  No idea what that was about. To be fair to GAAP, YHC experienced Garmin fail today so relying on GAAP for the mileage.  Turns out we ran almost 3 miles.

STH was representing Paperboy with his team’s race jersey. And STH delivered a strong take-out to send us on our way for the weekend.

Great effort by Bridge Club who finished just behind STH on the AYG Fortress Finish.

Brothers, thanks for joining YHC in the gloom this morning.  It is always an honor to lead this group.  If you haven’t signed up on the Fortress Q calendar – do it now!



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