No luck Friday at Atilla

11 Strong at Atilla, I think the panthers hurt the turnout a bit, but it was cooler, and off we went.

Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the band shelter by Hickory Tavern for warmup – somehow Wahoo found us which was surprising, a big improvement over last time I Q’d when he didn’t find us until COT.

SSH, Windmill, Merican, L/R hammy stretch and hip stretch, MC, squat

13 counts

Mosey to the bottom of the target stairs down to Wendy’s

Mary:  13 rounds, 13 count: too lazy to type them all out

13’s on the Target stairs – Xfit mericans at the top, plankjack at the bottom

crowd pleaser – Steriod out front, Wahoo close behind – great effort

modified wheel of fortune – take a lap around the Wendy’s while the Pax do your called exercise.  11 rounds.

Indian run home


Kiefer’s birthday party next Sat.  juice boxes after MIP, boozing at lunch, nap time, then hit it hard bowling and karaoke.

Rev will pass out about 8:45.


Tesla with the excellent takeout, Grapevine with the translation.


Thanks Eminem for the keys, always an honor.

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