SoT Hokie Pokie

4 souls braved the rain this morning for the best workout on Randolph Rd, at 6AM, on Friday. There was punishment in store since only 4 showed up. #bringafriend

Run around the parking lot, make sure no one else will show

20 copperhead squats

20 SSH

10 Mercans

10 FireHydrants (each side)

10 LegExtensions (each side)

Off we go towards down(or is it up?) town

Stop at the island for 30 Monkey Humpers, no tomato to scare off today

20 Dollies

Run down to the clock

10 Bulgarian Squats (each side, in cadence)

Run to the hospital, take a left

Reverse SpiderMan up the stairs while everyone else does squats at the bottom waiting

When you’re at the top, drop it like it’s hot/moneymakers until everyone’s finished with RSM

Run back up Providence, stop at Ben&Jerrys for:

20 MonkeyHumpers

20 Rosalita in espanol

Run back to the Church via Cherokee Rd, Stye…don’t get hit by a car

Back at the church PAX drops it like it’s hot/moneymakers while Whim takes a lap around the lot

YHC’s turn for a lap around the lot.

That’s all we have time for.


Wear reflective gear, the days are getting shorter and a reflective vest and carrying your phone is cheaper than a trip to the hospital.

PAX discussed F2 @ pizza peel in Cotswold again, maybe two weeks from now?

MedAssist is having a very fun sounding 5K next to raise money.  You can check it out here!!! There is an F3 team so sign up and lets have some pancakes, bacon, and beer that morning.

We also did a lot of balance and standing on 1 foot.  Got that from a Dr Stephanie workout at the hotbox.  I’m sure it’ll be beneficial to help with stability.  YHC just forgot where we did them.

The PAX:

DayZ, Whim, Stye, Pigskin

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