Too soon…

Seven came out this morning for some misty mileage around CLT. Here’s the route.

First 1.99:

Head towards Uptown on Providence

Left onto Dartmouth

Left onto Queens Rd

Left onto Queens Rd and back to Goldman

Second 6.32:

Head towards Queens University on Queens Rd

Veer left to continue on Queens Rd

Left onto Sharon Rd

Right onto Colony

Right onto Roswell

Left onto Queens Rd and follow back to Goldman

Solid crew out there this morning. Fish ran in and ran out (not surprising), Federalist joined us for the 6.32 (somewhat surprising that he hadn’t run 14 miles before that), Stickbug was a little late and sprinted the first however many miles to catch up with us, Mr. Delicious just appeared out of the darkness at some point along the route and Subway and Merdona were kind enough to trot along with me as I checked to see if my legs still worked. Fish, Federalist and Subway are two weeks out from their Peak to Creek marathon and are looking strong. Merdona’s thinking about the Charlotte Half next month…I’d say go for it brotha!

Enjoyed being out there with you all, even though the legs may have wanted a few more days rest. Thanks, Stickbug for the take-out, reminding us how very fortunate we are to be able to get out and run. Matlock, 20/20, thanks for the keys.

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