What Does FiA Call BTTW?

19 men decided that THIS.IS.SPARTA was the way to start their Friday fun, and this is what we did:

The Thang:

Get Your Mind Right Warm Up™:  mountain climbers – hold ’em – Peter Parkers – hold ’em – Parker Peters (all x20IC)

Mosey to Sedgefield Park playground for 3 rounds of circuit work:  9 pull-ups, 18 shoulder-tap chgerkins, 27 sumo jump squats…dollies, flutters and LBCs while we wait for six

Hop fence to Sedgefield Track for 10 burpees, run a lap, 10 burpees, run a lap, 10 burpees, run a lap, 10 burpees, run a lap, 10 burpees (1 mile, 50 burpees)…box cutters, reverse box cutters and bicycles while we wait for six

Mosey to Dead Man’s Alley (is that ™’d yet?  if not, it is now) for 3 rounds of People’s Chair and BTTWs (or TTTBs…more below)

Hop fence and down Ye Olde Dark & Scarey Hille (also ™’d) to bottom of SMS entrance.  Grab a rock (large, small, shadow, imaginary, your pick!).  Q called for 5 rounds of circuit pain:  20 squat thrusts with rock, drop rock, run to school, 10 burpees, back to rock, repeato…looks like most got in all or parts of 3 or 4 rounds before time expired


Naked Moleskin:

#Disclaimer.  Lots of danger out in the Gloom today.  Slick roads, hole-pocked hills, fences to jump, BTTW/TTTBs, potential fire ant attacks at the rocks (uh, wish someone had told me that BEFORE I grabbed a rock), rocks being tossed (my bad!), burpees:  there were lots of areas to injury oneself (or others – see burpees and “inadvertent-kick-to-face”) today.  Baywatch actually did bang his head on the “zip line” bar in the playground during pull-ups (you are too tall for this ride) but thankfully passed the F3 Concussion Protocol (a/k/a Old School Protocol):  “Uh, you okay?  Good?  Good.”

#Unbanned.  Don’t think this Q was nastier than my last one at Sparta, but I was hurting pretty good on the last circuit for sure.  Probably didn’t help when I decided to move up to Stinger’s man-sized rock instead of the teenage one I grabbed initially.  Nabisco (uh, gotta work on those squats) and Redd Foxx (uh, gotta teach me those speed burpees) were out front most of the morning but the rest of us still got in some good work today.  #firewood  For the record, Vamos did briefly pass me on the first hill up the parking lot before succumbing to gravity/fatigue/reality/[insert excuse here].  #paceyourself

People’s Chair is Made for Mumblechatter…BTTW/TTTB, Not So Much.  Lots of interesting discussions during the people’s chair round in Dead Man’s Alley.  “What does FiA call BTTW?” was the winning question for sure.  TTTBs was the best guess (I’ll leave it to you to decipher), but someone else will have to validate as my M does not participate to date.  Not surprisingly, the chatter doesn’t get much beyond “Errrrgh” or “Uhggggg” or some heavy breathing during BTTW/TTTB…though I’m sure Dread, Monkeyfeet, Shawshank or Hillary (all weak, no good no-shows today I’m sure #hugz) would still chat it up upside down.  #madskillz

Shameless Plugs.  Hopebuilders 5k this weekend (still time to sign up and race).  Charlotte Marathon in November (SpeedForNeed is looking for runners to support the chair-racing teams).  Charlotte Improv on October 21 (apparently starring Double Nickel, who is, just to be clear, not an f’ing clown here to amuse you in the Gloom…you have to pay money later for that privilege).

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Doobie.  (I know you didn’t want me here, Thin Slice, but we’re still Team Schmedium.)  Thanks to Baywatch for the (likely-concussed) prayer.


“If you have everything under control, you are not moving fast enough.”  —Mario Andretti

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  • October 14, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Today was Nabiscos day. He had enough in the tank to crush the pax on the last circuit. #wherewastheLeecamogear

    My speed burpees was the only thing keeping me in it today. #wheelhouse.

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