Melting down at Meltdown

It’s been hotter – today’s temp was only in the mid 60’s.  But, at 100% humidity, it seemed like it was 100 degrees outside.  Did the 16 who left the comfy confines of their perfectly controlled air conditioned homes complain?  Heck no!  Bring on as much unpleasantness as you can muster.  This, after all, IS Meltdown.

So, let the unpleasantness begin.

Warm-up (as if we really needed it on a morning like this).  SSH, IW, MC, squats.

Mosey to edge of parking lot to begin some laddering.  Routine was to perform exercise(s) then either backward run, side shuffle, or karaoke to other side of parking lot for burpees.

Exercises, starting with swings then adding one each trip, were: 15 Kb swings, 10 rack squats, 16 presses, polish twist, 16 lawnmower curls, 16 figure eight lunges, 10 triceps press, KB double protractor, 10 KB diamond merkins.

Burpees started with one, then 2, then 3…  Made it up to 9 rounds before we ran out of time.  Lots of hands on knees at that point, including YHC.

Hot, but great morning at Meltdown.

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