Promo meets Core

The intersection of the “Prometheus/Core Venn Diagram” is pretty small, and as the pax found out today, not really a walk in the park.

Boba Fett brought out the book of Prometheus, and Grapevine brought out the Core book, and oh what fun we had !

Grapevine lead:


IW, SH, MC, L/R Hammy Stretch and Hip Stretch (or pigeon something says OBT), Merican, Flutter, Squat.



Mike Tysons at the Selwyn Bus Lot Far Curb

Donkey Kicks at the far wall of the Temple

5 pullups as you pass the bars each time

This took a while – added distance (Promo effect) made this a real time suck.   Lots of complaining and accusations of round-shaving.  Or Cougar has lost a step.

Boba Fett Lead

Run from the Selwyn Bus Lot to the XC trail entry on Colony, all the way to the Selwyn playground, stopping periodically to gather the six and exercise:  Partner Derkins a couple of times, squats a couple of times, a few ab exercises as well.  I think we did some dips too at one point.

Gather on the Selwyn playground BBall court and partner up:  Partner 1 up Stairway to Heaven, Partner 2 does pullups, dips, mericans, 3 rounds, some may have gotten four.

Stop in Senator Ramos’ office for a bit of people’s chair

Whatever you got left home.

Moleskin:  AG doesn’t do backblasts very often.  If we get 3 people that read this it will be a miracle.  For anybody checking to see if the workout is active – don’t doubt it.  This workout has reached the highest level of success and maturity – no tweets, no backblasts, no Q roster, a secret 4 man board of directors (etc.- I’ll probably be banished for outing this workout…), but a great crowd every week and the numbers are rock solid.  The chatter is simply the best in all of Metro.   I had fun.


Prayers for The Shore and his family who lost his son this week.

Expansion St. Louis Austin send names

F3 Peru 25 HC’s, family trip in the summer to the same location

Billingsville Tuesdays 4:30 give it a shot, bring your kids

OBT with the takeout

Thanks Blackbird for the keys – always an honor

2 thoughts on “Promo meets Core

  • October 16, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Aye….read and enjoyed. A lost art but needs to come back. Possible FNGs abound but lack of BB shows complacency and lack or respect to core principles. Just sayin but I have 6 years in F3 and posted 5 states. BB should be one of those “give it back” part of every Q. So glad you did this. Keep postin and all keep BBin.

  • October 16, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Tell it, Bird Hole. The Q is completed when the BB is posted.

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