Race for the Cure with Speed for Need

The Susan B. Komen foundation fights breast cancer. All diseases are cruel. But breast cancer is particularly so. Its primary targets are mothers.

The attacks can be awful. Breast cancer killed my mom twenty years ago. And just over two years ago, my wife Heather was diagnosed with a particularly nasty version. Our kids were 7, 4, and 2. Heather is the toughest person I know. Yet breast cancer and its “medicine” reduced her to the fetal position.

Soon after being diagnosed, Heather had lost all of her hair, most of her strength, and all control. But God offered many gifts during her trial. One was the Race for the Cure. Heather was diagnosed in January 2015. The race was 10 months later, in October, just when she would be finished with six months of chemotherapy, recovery, and then two surgeries. The Race for the Cure was a physical goal, a way of taking back control. A way of seizing Life.

Community made the Race for the Cure possible. Heather knew she would be surrounded by friends who had prayed for her for months, supported her, and would compete by her side. Heather formed “Heather’s Heroes” for that Community, many from F3Nation. God tells us that in Christ we form one body and each member belongs to all the others. With that Community, in grace, we get strength.

Heather Raced in Community with Speed for Need this year, with the men of F3 pushing four mothers in chariots:

  • Mai, mother of two small children, had surgery 10 days before the Race.
  • LynnMarie, mother of three, was fighting stage IV breast cancer.
  • Yasmin, mother of a beautiful girl who ran next to her, had a double mastectomy two weeks before the race.
  • Julie, single mother of three, had chemotherapy the week of the race and was wracked with pain.

Each mother fought, raced, and overcame in Community with F3 and Speed for Need. Check out the Race here: Speed for Need Komen video. You will see loving Community. Strength. Hope. Joy. You will see Life. Praise God.

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