Dumpsta Fire

and so it began….it was a steam fest of a mornin in the Metro, what more could we ask for in th c-rock swamp, so YHC figured some back of house dumpster diving was in order….

At the Black Widow AO, we spotted Drone making the EC rounds, he got a few nice laps in, Drone for the win, for sure.

Out we went, 27 men, into the gloom.

Mix of run, backwards run, SSH, Merkins, Squats, and other stuff. It was good. Coach was there, kindof…

Across the street and partner up to the best dumpster strip in all of C-rock.

The call was partner carries speed bump to speed bump with alternating Derkins and hand slap Merkins.

The dumpsta area had a stench unlike I had remembered.  The pax were not impressed. Iron Sharpens Iron

The merkin fest was brutal. Chest was smoke stacked at the smash burger wall. Pax were ready to roll.

20 step ups, 20 flutters, 20 dips, and 20 more…merkins

up and running towards the gas house.

Stop at the station for some gas pumps, aptly named

through the CARWASH and up the hill to Wells Fargo for some Johnny Cash

planktravision on point whilst the pax ran through some plank jack action

run up the road to Eddies bars for some dips and pull-ups

then to the hotbox for a double run up the #towerofterror with a double round of pull-ups, Merkins, and flutters.

Time ran close so out we we went to the parking lot for some bear crawls then back to the AO.



No video back last this week, too dark out these days and my video skills leave a lot to me desired….daylight savings time should help with the post production.

My apologies for the late back blast, this week has been a crazy run of it.

twas a solid effort this morning,   The black Widow pax was strong and steady and never hesitated during YHCs off the cuff efforts to make a unique run around C-rock.  Sump was in uniform, as always and is a great testament to the true values of what we do in the gloom.  T-claps as always.  Big worm much appreciated the help and headlockery of this guy always staying on the pax about signups and getting backblats out, myself included….pleasure hosting these men with you.  Seaworld we are looking forward to seeing you fool these dudes on your first official Q coming up in the next few weeks, strong effort as always.  Deertick, man is a machine, can be stopped out there, constant and strong.  Chowda, talk about respect, this guy rarely misses a 🕷post.  Swap, the ever steady presence, persistent and out front as always.  Scully lives in the shadows and stays a head  of most, strong running, solid effort.  Gas-x my proctor AA buddy, steady and strong, GO BLUE!  Sauerkraut always ahead of the pack, probably too much Mary for him today but that’s ok cause he likes it. Madras can’t get enough, always coming back for more.  Noonan becoming a regular around these parts good to see u in the gloom again.  Double Knot rolled in on time, kinda, didn’t loose anything, and always good to catch up.  Boba Fett ready to lead the pax next week, be careful brother, these boys can wear ya out! Hamlet for the win, LIFO brother but I get it, duty calls! Beaker always looking out for Seaworld, needs a damn headlamp.  Cougar, where ya been brutha, good to see you out there.  Coach, no shortage of chatter and this morning did not disappoint, missing Nibbler tho.  50 shades, the OG graced us with his ever mighty self, good to see you out in C-rocks finest, we need you to take the reigns some day.  Backup, missing the water bro, strong and steady.  Rudy, this is becoming a habit, and I like it brotha.  WantAd fresh off the tri-training wanted some more miles but enjoyed the swimming.  Pitino always a strong showing, bandana required, you must have a stack of those things in the dirty laundry.   Sparty, good to see you in the gloom, looking forward to the rest of the BIG10 showdowns.  Drone with the win, lots of extra effort, this guy wins for today.  KY thanks for filling in the pax with the word from our brother Hollins and the passing of his younger brother.  It’s a horrible and sad thing to hear about a friend who is in pain.   It’s perspective that keeps us real and alive and working towards this common goal of helping to lift up those around us to be better at life.  Better as humans. Better as people.   May the Garnett family find solace in his passing and may the Lord welcome with open arms all those who seek his refuge.

I enjoy, respect, and look forward to working out with you guys every Tuesday.  SYITG



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