Little House On the Prairie…Make That Latta Park.

I never missed an episode of Little House On The Prairie. In part, because I am fascinated by the rigorous lifestyle, the emphasis on family, and the importance of the home. That, and I was absolutely BONKERS for Laura Ingalls. Yes, I know most boys were crazy for Mary, and my cousin had a thing for Albert( let it go…..Love>Hate).   So, It was like going home to be back at Indy and to have the Q this morning.

Here’s how we got it done:


COP –the standard, which I forgot would not be very….standardish for these guys because they aren’t Core regulars.

20 SSH

20 IW

10 Sharon Towers ( pretty sue Rod Stewart still doesn’t get why we call Windmills Sharon Towers. But we tried to tell him).


All of this was done in cadence because we are a rigid, and organized group of men.

Mosey to The Castle for our first Foray into Fitness. 11’s with LBC’s at the bottom and Burpees at the top. Pull the plug when Farmer and Lee are done.

Mosey to …do the stone steps and bleachers have a name??….anyway, whatever they are called we went there and did 5 derkins, at the top, 5 dips at the bottom, and bunny hopped the stairs. Repeato x 5.

Mosey to the playground . 10 pullups then run and climb up the wall. Do 10 squats. Repeato X 3.

Mosey to the rails for inboards and merkins up to 5 and back down again.

Stay at rails for negatives—crouwd favorite.

Finish up with 3 minutes of mary.


NMM: Good to be back, that’s for sure. Forgot what a diverse group this is. And by diverse I mean that Farmer and Lee are freakishly fast and strong and I am damn slow. But, I can do pullups forever . And inboard rows.

Farmer said “ Hello” and when he left “ BaBye”.   Razorback and Ozwald did the yackety yack the whole time. I think Razorback was dropping some kind of legalese on how he had a defense planned for UNC athletics in case it was needed. It was based on the legal precedent “I know you are but what am I”.

I copied these workouts from 3 that I remember as my faves . And by faves, they sucked. I clearly remember H.E. putting us through the Castle with the burpees but no one else remembers that. Everyone remembered the step stuff cuz that’s when The Jet wiped out and lost half the skin on his leg. And the last part, that’s part of what The Bishop put through on my first post to F3.


The rail stuff was just because I’m really good at it, and no one else is.  Especially the negatives—I rock that sh*t.

Today was there, even thought he is limited due to a “situation”. The “situation” was that he ran into the back of a truck ON HIS BICYCLE!! Slow recovery for him, and yet he is still strong enough to go up and down stairs again and again and again. Grateful he was there. Inspiring.


Announcements: keeping the friends and family fo Shore from Area 51 in our prayers. Tragic, and we are at a loss for how to explain this tragedy. And yet, we pray for the peace that passes understanding.

If you ain’t too busy, come to Keefer’s 30th birthday party next Saturday. DM me for details



Thanks for being there this morning.

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