Is Plum Nearly Almost Ripe?

What we did:  Run around our elbow through Providence Baptist Church to get to the bottom of Hunter Ln with the intersection of Plum Nearly.  11’s with Turkish Get Ups and Chuck Norris Merkins.

Mosey to church athletic fields for sprints with sprinkles of merkins and burpees.  Dodge traffic, run through an apartment complex and past the bus stop, more merkins, through the very strong hedge, and back to COT.  I had 4.3 miles (Carrier had 3.9, where’d he go)

Moleskin: Newport took my Q two weeks ago, so I took his date this morning and he gladly took the opportunity to fartsack – great work Newport, you earned it brother!  Nibbler loved the re-do from AG on Saturday…sorry my man (but he did give me a passing grade on both!).

Plan was to take the crew back behind the Church to hit that hill on Hunter Ln….and bonus, we found Plum Nearly! On the way back Double Knot was pondering that name…not sure what he said, but I said ‘almost ripe’…strange naming going on in the outer bands of Charlotte back then, I guess.  Think that whoever gets the credit figured it would never be seen…and it’s dark and creepy down there for sure!   Good thing Fish and I were all synced up this am that he wore his headlamp to make sure we were all safe and sound, thanks patnah!

Great to see Carrier back from wine country!

Strong performances by all this am!  Fish obliged and provided the take out for us – be thankful for the opportunity to be with your brothers this morning and please hold up those that are suffering!


News:  MIP – Good numbers on Saturday, come on out!  Turkey drive coming soon (Carrier’s burpee guarantee is in the works)!

Billingsville Elementary Turtoring today – 4:30 to around 5:30 ish

Roaring Riot – off this week. First Annual Homecoming Saturday 11/4, pre-Falcons!

Per Grizz those interested in Ruck – 5:15 at Christ Church, 4 mile loop w pack. Half marathon ruck on 11/11 (Veteran’s Day)

Please also note:  The services for ‘The Shore’s’ son will be held at 11 a.m. at Christ Episcopal Church – a Celebration of Life for Nathan Ward Kocmond

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