Sweet 6 Detour Route 5318008

Queen City Government Affairs Office for Route Realignment & Detour Commission Board of Governors (QCGAORRDCBG for short) paged me yesterday with 41 – 411.  “Call me, have information” for all you non-beeper losers.

They let me know the regular route for Sweet 6 was closed and the only option is the Muthaship Route.  Number of times up and down the spiral = 2.

SF, bunbun, bllz, Bo and Fa So La all hit the spiral, Fishwrap is tapering for marathon 2/3 (I’m as shocked as you, thought homeboy just left his foot on the gas), BE was nice to Tube Socks and skipped the Muthaship intro #weak and Boy Scout did his own thing I guess.

There’s a level of street cred with beepers that isn’t respected these days.  Everyone is caught up with these new fancy “smart” phones and fail to miss the practical simplicity of this belt-clipped technology.  You don’t have to worry about the clutter of 147 apps, 3 of which you actually use and none of those for anything important.  You get a page, it’s important.  Someone either needs immediate brain surgery or your girl just hit you with a 143.

143 back to you baby.  607.  41.  Then you tell your boy you need to find a pay phone, your girl needs you.

Hey girl, what are you doing?

Nothing, what are you doing?  Did you get my page?

Yeah, I miss you too.  Where are y’all going tonight?  Did you hear about the party inProvidence Plantation?  I heard they have a keg of Beast Ice and some Goldschlager.

Right?!  We’re getting some Strawberry Hill Boones Farm now.  I’ll meet you over there.  Please tell me you’re wearing that sweet-ass Structure vest I love so much!?!

You know it, hit the neck with Drakkar too.

Where’d you tell your parents you’re staying?

They think I’m at Erica’s.  You?


Then you pull up and cars are parked down the street and in the yard so you know it’s going to be a good night.  All the doors are open and there’re solo cups everywhere.  Tupac and Snoop and Biggie are battling in the backyard on the Aiwa which is hooked up to the Kenwoods.  All your boys are there, your girl is on the way.  Life is good.

You know the rest of the story – sometimes the dudes from the other school showed up and there was a fight, sometimes the neighbors called the police, sometimes the party got late, the lights got low and R Kelly did his thing but it was all part of the experience.  And the beeper was there, in the thick of it.  Street cred.  Slap one of those bad boys on your hip tomorrow and tell me it doesn’t all come back to you.

Welcome FNG Tube Socks. Born and raised in Charlotte, went to West Charlotte, went to some other place college and is the PE teacher at yet another place.  Obviously my listening skills were stellar this morning.



2 thoughts on “Sweet 6 Detour Route 5318008

  • October 19, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Holy Shit Ballz…thanks for the #hottubtimemachine. I’ll page you later. #143

  • October 19, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Bringing back fond memories of simpler times Balz…Nice

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