Keefer turns 30 tomorrow.  He will immediately lose his taste for juice boxes, will want to be recognized ONLY for the things he actually accomplishes instead of the things he tried,  and will recognize that feelings aren’t facts.

The itinerary will be:


0700 CORE  beatdown ( co-q with Rev)

0800 presentation of very very very very special gift

0900 Co Q at MIP

1800 ( that’s 6 p.m. for you civilians) Hold outs at Dresslers

1930 (7:30p.m.) Bowling at park lanes–need a head count if you want to bowl. come watch and enjoy beer and pizza if you don’t want to bowl.

2130 (930 p.m.) Karaoke at Jeff’s Bucket Shop. Short mosey up the road.

text me with questions 7042584705



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