Grunts..that’s all I uttered and all I heard from the 8 Brothers around me for the 45 mins it took to run this workout.  Kind of a beatdown workout and I have to admit one that I felt the need to run again out here since we did not finish it the last time I tried.

The Thang:


SSH – 20 / Push Press – 10 each arm / Curls – 20 / 2 Hand Swing – 20 / Goblet Squats – 20 / Line up and hit windsprints on BBall Court / Lawnmower Row – 10 each arm / High Pull – 20 / LIne up for last round of windsprints

Main Event:

The Main Event consists of 6 stations with 100 exercises at each station around the Dilworth Fields.  Took the group on a tour of each spot so they would know where each was hitting 5 burpees at each station to burn it into their brains.


Station 1 – 20 Swings / 20 Push Press 10 each arm / 20 Curls / 20 High Pulls / 20 Lawnmower Rows 10 each arm.  Drop bell and run around the loop.  Pick up bell and run to Station 2 repeat exercises at each station followed by the lap until you get all the way around the loop to Station 6.


Everyone made it to Station 6 today with the exception of Narc and Rhapsody who lapped field and got in an extra round.  #Strong.  Someday they will be old enough to drink and then they won’t be so fast.  TML looked gassed at the end but then out of nowhere he bolted off to catch those guys on their last lap.  That’s what’s up.  #OldManStrong.  Someday he’ll be as old as Foreclosure and will have enough sense to know when enough is enough but until then #Impressive.

Good to see Sunshine out there with a bell finally.  #Combine gets a little tougher when you have one.

Welcome back Tormund and keep on coming.  Strong name.  Dude rolled right out of Game of Thrones.

As for the rest of you out there going to #Sputter or running up and down Queens Rd giving high fives to the #GoldMan quit it.  Come out to #Metro’s toughest workout and find out what happens when you add sprints to bells.  You’ll thank me later.

Be Good.  Do Good.



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  • October 20, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Great workout, brother. Have not done that one before and I was glad when the time ran out!! Excited to see what @Narc brings to the table next week.

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