Coug’s Big Day Out

Cougar made his annual visit to Mustang this past Saturday make sure we were still alive and kicking.  Just in case he was lost and disoriented (#respect), our first stop was back to AG so they wouldn’t worry too much.  Here’s the rest of the workout:

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Folsom Prison for COP:
    • Mtn climbers IC x20
    • SSH IC x20
    • Merkins IC x14
  • Mosey to track
    • 400m sprint; 400m cool down
    • 200m sprint; 200m cool down x2
    • 100m sprint; 100m cool down x2
  • Mosey back to Folsom Prison
    • 10 derkins; 10 irkins; 10 merkins
    • Dips in cadence x15
    • Repeato 2 more times
  • Mosey to track
    • 100m sprint; 100m cool down x2
    • 200m sprint; 200m cool down x2
    • 400m sprint; 400m cool down
  • Mosey back to Folsom Prison for 5 MOM:
    • Dollies IC x20
    • Flutter IC x20
    • Russian Twists IC x15
    • LBCs IC x23 (#GOAT)
  • Head back way to MPHS cross country path
  • Stop at smaller hill for burpee ladder to 7 (or 8 if you’re Benefactor)
  • Hit up bigger hill for burpee ladder to 7
  • Jail break back to parking lot

The Skine:

  • This morning was the perfect combination of protagonists, antagonists, and general mumblechatter.  Everyone got in on the action, but LBJ calling out Dredd for running his mouth during repetitive exercises may have been the highlight.  Came outta nowhere.  May have been LBJ’s only comment of the day, in fact.
  • Having Cougar in the Mustang camp for a day was cause for celebration, so we had to run circles around (and around, and around) the AG Pax.  I’m sure they understood.
  • TML crushed the first 400m sprint with a strong finish, passing Cindy and Agony at the end.  Unfortunately, for him, there were 9 more sprints after that.
  • Thanks to Cindy for pointing out that the hill I thought we were at wasn’t the hill we were at, which resulted in the second round of burpee ladders.  Fortunately, it was essentially free play by the end, so it’s not like anyone actually got stuck doing that many burpees…except for Benefactor, I think.  #integrityworkout

Mustang remains the best workout that’s not on a Monday.  Thanks for the keys, Holtz–wherever you are.


One thought on “Coug’s Big Day Out

  • October 23, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Cindy actually did MOST of the exercises, which I attribute to:

    1) Him being pretty obviously still drunk from the night before; and

    2) Being the sole BatFlipper present. If Boone had been there (or even if Moniteur had ghosted-up) the result would likely have been different.

    And yes, YHC was shocked to have a Member of Team.Accountability try to shut me down. It didn’t work, but it still stung. Please edit this BackBlast to certify that I took it like a man.

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