Confession – Keifer Birthday party kept the Pax in the Rack ***CORRECTION***

Only 2 showed up to a nice pre-dawn run.  Then there was 3 by the end.

The Q kept it simple and we covered 5.2 miles on the green-way. We had and 8:59 pace! Great job Eminem!! 🙂

We both had errors with our technology (Garmin and Fitbit). My Garmin had us running a 21:xx and change for mile 2. I was like there’s got to be an issue, this is not even close to correct. I was right , I just went back retraced the route with map pedometer .com. So 5.2 miles, NOT 3.7 miles.

Van Winkle was looking for the Pax, he had noticed Eminem bright orange shirt earlier, but then no Pax was their was there. Van Wrinkle caught up with us at Coffeteria. We shared a laugh and good fellowship together.

We had a surprise visit from Charlie; Van Wrinkle’s new dog. 🙂



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