Just Like 2013

When YHC started F3 in summer 2013, Copperhead quickly became my go-to Monday workout.

Like many aspects in life, my schedule changed over time and am no longer able to take advantage of the 6AM start time on a regular basis.

Likewise, the workout has changed over time – gotten younger and faster! There’s now even some nonsense about an EC 3-mile run @ 5:30 AM!?

While it’s great to see Copperhead thriving in its new look, YHC felt like we needed to turn back the clock to 2013 for today’s workout.

The Thang
Warm-up lap around the parking lot: High Knees/ Butt Kickers/ Karaoke
COP (Extended)
SSH x 22
IW x 15
Peter Parker x 15
Copperhead© Squats x 15
3-Count Slow Merkins x 10
Low Slow Flutters x 20

Mosey to front entrance of Mint Museum
Bear Crawl across lawn to Hempstead

Triple Spokes
Run to peak of Hempstead Hump – back to Mint: Merkins x 10
Run up Eastover to Cherokee – back to Mint: Merkins x 10/ LBC x 20
Run up Hempstead to Colville – back to Mint: Merkins x 10/ LBC x 20/ Squats x 30

11’s on the benches: Derkins & Dips

Lunge Walk across front lawn from Hempstead to Mint’s entrance
Mosey around to the back of the Mint

People’s Chair: Regular/ R Leg out/ L Leg out/ Air Presses x 20 (I/C)

Mosey across back lawn to low wall
Step Ups x 20 each leg

Circle up around the fountain
Mary: LBC/ Rosalita/ Dolly x 20 each

Big announcement: Next Monday, October 30th Copperhead will celebrate its 5 year anniversary! Whim is scheduled to Q but already there is talk of former Site-Q’s high-jacking the workout.

Speaking of Whim, the dude is stronger and faster each time our paths cross! When most of us were Lunge Walking, Whim was Lunge Running in perfect form. As if that wasn’t enough, Whim sent us off into the world with an upbeat and inspirational take-out.

Stat was another rabbit out-in-front all morning. Like Whim, Stat is another one of the new-look young & fast Copperhead regulars.

Looks like Fitty Shades is getting his groove back since returning from extended trip to the IR. Appreciate Phoenix honoring his HC from yesterday. He even told the story of how this workout got its name.

Seemed like right after COP, Raider had to leave for the zoo. Not sure of the details but nice of him to stop by for a minute. If you haven’t been paying attention, Sparty is in beast mode. Big transformation over the last few months! Awesome work.

Lastly, thanks to current Site-Q Daisy for the invite to Q. Really like his hash tag #neverskipmondays. No better way to start the week than in the Gloom with your Brothers. If you are able to roll out of bed on a rainy Monday morning for a physical beat down, than you are already ahead of the game for the week.

Good work Daisy keeping Copperhead rolling in the right direction.


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