Not as good as I once was….

9 in total for a Midwood anniversary, bootcamp style

The Thang:

25 SSH

20 Merkins

Mosey to Mecklenburg all the way to Thurmond with 10 merkins and 25 LBC’s at each intersection, when completed, run back to the six and complete exercises with them.

At Thurmond, starting at top of hill, a set of 11’s with burpees at the bottom and squats at the top.  when first person finishes, all regroup at bottom.

Mosey to corner of Thurmond and Mimosa for Jacob’s ladder with sumo jump squats..

back track to park back up Thurmond with stops for some mary, derkins, dips, merkins, etc.

into secret park entrance to field for some skips, side shuffle and karaoke, then back to lot for COT.

No charge, as usual.


What really happened–

Unlike the first workout where we had 30 PAX from all over Metro, we had 9, all from Midwood, despite missing several regulars like Penny, Rube, Mr. Bo.    That’s why we started this thing.

Slaughter and Missing De hit the EC and were properly warmed up–not too much talking as we kept things moving.  Instead of planking, we just kept running.  Heard a little mumble chatter on the 11’s that they weren’t done and we were ready to move on to the next thing.  Next time, go faster.  You’ll get em all in.

Nice to meet Maradona and Dirt Devil–keep posting.  Lots of good options.  Mint Julep is getting stronger.  I recall his first post where there was a lot of hands on knees and walking.  still hands on the knees, but he’s moving well through out.  Tips was near the front of the pack most of the morning.  When one doesn’t get to a workout very often, the small incremental changes stand out over time.

Lot’s of chatter about how to keep Midwood growing.  With the continued effort of those involved, it will.  Much appreciation to Pipeline who has stepped up to keep this workout alive.

As for YHC, it felt great to run.  Yes, I am still limping 2 days later, but it was worth it.  Not much to say other than the fire still burns.  As long as it does, I couldn’t be happier.



Big Ass Party on the Plaza during the marathon.

Penny completed the Rock and Roll Half

A couple F3 guys finished 2nd and 3rd.  Don’t know them well, but I’m pretty sure I give them kudo’s on strava just about everyday.  #allmyheart

Love seeing all the strong efforts out there.  Don’t slow down.

Thanks for the Take Out, Tips!

Always an honor to Q



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