Trap House Pioneers

The Bell Rang, the rain stopped (it doesn’t rain on P2W) and the Faithful gathered in the Gloom.


YHC’s plan was for a CityScapePowerLoop through the West Side of the City that OwlBait Built, but going up the right at The Open Kitchen (where Thin Slice distracted me by confusing Greek pizza with Yankee Dago Pizza), I found that I could not find the turn off into Splash Planet to make the loop. So I just kept going until the park benches at the end of the Greenway and turned around and came back. I’m pretty certain I was the only one who knew where the heck we were, so there was that.

We stopped for a set of chest/abs at irregular intervals (basically, whenever Ice9 started making his pre-hurl noise). Worked out to be about 12 times I think.

End Result: 4.3 miles at 7:18, which is brisk for this Respect.

Brought it in with an Indian Run to make sure the 6 got love (which fired up the Incognitian Hate Machine, but there you go).


  1. The BatFlippers did some of the exercices—Smedium Victory.
  2. Despite their best efforts, the BatFlippers failed to induce YHC into a C-Clamp—Small Victory (too many Members of Team.Accountabilty out there for me to fall into that trap—PTL).
  3. I (personally) thought the new terrain was a good idea. P2W usually follows about 3 or 4 well worn trails, so I wanted to get on some new ground. Running through the Trap Houses in the pitch black makes YHC feel almost like a Pioneer (I know, you have to live there to claim it for real).
  4. Missed the WarDaddy of Team.Accountability (Checkpoint) who threw a shoe training for the Marine Corps Marathon.
  5. Cougar’s string of surprise Posts is officially over at one. He was not (in fact) present this AM.

Dread Out

2 thoughts on “Trap House Pioneers

  • October 23, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Missed you guys. Home icing and elevating. Must be careful of new terrain and hidden curbs during race week. I love country music but not happy with Gaylord Opryland parking lot. I hope I am not so old that I gotta start wearing my glasses to workouts….

  • October 23, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Where we took a left at Summit and that Greenway and went looking for #Migos there is a sign that reads “Frazier Park / Ray’s Splash Planet –>”.

    Gen X

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