ALS Free Squats for Everyone!

24 pax hit the backlot of Selywn to put a little downpainment on the day!  The ground had dried a little so there was a need for some ab work.

Jog down to the Selywn Bus Driveway and had a little COT

Brought out the Side Straddle Hop, Wide Arm push ups, Flutter kicks, back flips, tree climbs,etc

Run down to Colony and then walking lunges and bear crawl back to where we started.

COT and the introduction of Squat-a-rama.  30 seconds each of squats, pulses(have to see it), jump squats and then squat holds.  This causes an extreme burning sensation in your……  legs.   By the end of the workout we had done this four times.  For those good in math that is 8 minutes of straight squats.  I took my protein shake afterwards and locked in “leg day”.

Run to baskball courts and then did COT and lots of ab work including minutes of plank, unloaded the ark and some merkin action.  As usual I dominated the merkins.

Oh yeah we actually did some burpees.   Ran over to the covered area and did peoples chair, Merkins, Flutters, etc.  Ran to the rails and did pull ups and incline Merkins.  Ran to Senator Ramos and did peoples chair and COT with a bunch of stuff.  Ran back to where we started and finished…    Total of 1.2 miles covered!



  • Billingsville at 4:30  Good attendance lately but still need more men to read to these kids.
  • Expansion this weekend.  Launching both St. Louis and Austin.  Send contacts to and

Thanks to CORE for all of their support of F3 Expansion and look forward to you all launching F3 Phoenix in Feb ’18.


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