Silence is golden

I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine….Quid Pro Quo….whatever.   Grizzle delivered a solid Religious history lesson at Bandit a few weeks ago so I welcomed the opportunity to borrow the reins at his site.   Having only posted to Black Widow twice prior, and only one other Cotswold AO ever, i really needed to do some homework for this one.   I guess it’s time to get acquainted with my new hood, after living here for 4 months.    Both the Pax and I had no idea what we were getting into this AM.


Extra Credit:

Grizzly jams the shovel flag in and we are off down MonteClair and left on Chandler to the circle at Chandler/Chandler intersection.  Burpee fueled Jacobs ladder to 7 alternating which Chandler rd/ln/dr/whatever to run up.  30 LBC’s at the bottom of the circle each trip.  Made it to 5 when we ran out of time and booked it back to base to pickup the pax.


Main Event:

Make our way to Woodlark and Ferncliff for COP:

SSH, LowSlowSquat, Merkin Medley (regular, wide, diamond, right foot up, left foot up, regular – 5 reps IC for each variation).

4 corners work down Ferncliff, to Audubon, to Woodlark.  20 reps of each exercise at each corner in this order. Merkins, Squats, LBC, Lunge.   2 Laps

Mary while we wait on the 6.

Partner up – run same track in opposite directions and meet in middle and at the end for 15 hand slap merkins.

Mosey over to the hotbox for desert.  Burpee / Pull Up combo for 11’s

Back to base, dodging the big yellow school bus and finished it off with 10 more burpees at base camp.


Mole Skins:

I don’t always do EC but when Grizzly is around, i always do.   Good fellowship with the site Q this am as we went for a 15 minute warm up.  That section of Chandler is pitch black and when we were doing LBC’s together starring at the stars on a clear night….special times…..wait a minute. that didn’t happen.   We actually just chased down a jack rabbit on MonteClair and drank it’s blood to hydrate for the main course today.

I didn’t see it myself, because it was freakin dark everywhere but the hotbox today.   They must not have street lights in these neck of the woods.  I think Pitino took the worst of it, took a spill on a slick patch of mud coming around turn 3.  I missed it but i hear he was safe.  Solid triple hit!   Hope he didn’t have any lasting injuries, the community needs him and his Roaring Riot crew.  Doing great things for charity, true #HIM.   I even saw a Roaring Riot flavored beer in the Harry Peter this weekend, hopefully Pitino’s earning some margin to support his causes.

After lap 2 around Ferncliff and Audobon, i noticed how quite it was.  Not a peep from the pax, just working hard.   That or just in shock because a stranger had the lead at BW.  Hopefully they allow me to come back after today… Famous last words by Lee.

The Burpee/Pull Up combo is sinister (thanks Curly) so we did that in one spot, no running in between.  Which really didn’t allow any recovery time between moves.  Non-stop heart rate elevating work.    Had some auditors in the crowd today to keep the pax accountable.   Even some mumbling of needing to do make-up burpees on the mosey home…which i can report to management were all accounted for by the time we circled up for COT.

EC+main event registered 4.7 miles…good work today.


Roaring Riot for all Home Panthers game – be there!

MIP – having solid Saturday numbers – come support this group

Billings Ville every Tuesday at 4:30pm

Charlotte Marathon – Speed4Need will have all 4 chairs out there participating in the relay (5 segments).  So 20 riders and 20 pushers. 15 Riders are disabled kids and 5 riders are WW2 Vets (between 95-102 years old)  Looking for more pax to come support us.  Run with us, cheer us on, drink beer at Missing De’s house in Midwood.  Just wear an F3 Shirt with some Red, White, and Blue incorporated….actually we should make an F3 Shirt with Old Glory on it….America + F3 = BAM.   Who do I need to contact to make this happen?

Grizzly with the take out.  Thanks for the opportunity to Q.

-Redd Foxx


One thought on “Silence is golden

  • October 25, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Silence was clearly due to deep respect pax has for Panda, whose house we ran by 4 or 5 times. Early COP neighborhood dog chatter was avoided later due to said silence.

    Olde Cotswold does get dark. Not sure why there are so few lights, but it definitely seems to facilitate numerous owl attacks.

    Pitino was covered in mud. No blood evident.

    Grizzly is dreamy, I agree. And he sits like a chimpanzee in COT. I tried it out. Not a bad idea actually.

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