11 Men for 11’s… No running in CORE!

11 Men of Core showed up on this near-frigid morning to enjoy a bit of a repeat (with a few changes) of last weeks 11’s workout.  Near the end, mumble chatter began to dissipate telling yours truly it must have been a worthwhile workout and we’d feel it mid-afternoon.  Very little running occurred so nobody threatened the Q within an inch of his life… thus making the 45 minutes enjoyable for all involved.

The Thang:

Circle up

  • SSHs x10
  • Mountain Climbers x10
  • IWs x10
  • Triceps x10
  • Ballchinnians x10 (AKA Hammer Curls)
  • Overhead press x10

First set of 11’s:

  • West Coast curb: Merkins  -(curb closest to playground)-
  • Flyover Country:  Ballchinnians x5   -(the middle line in the parking lot)-
  • East Coast curb:  LBC   -(the curb closest to the baseball field)-

Second set of 11’s:

  • West Coast curb: Doublewide Merkins
  • Flyover Country:  Triceps x5
  • East Coast curb:  Flutter Kicks

Third set of 11’s:

  • West Coast curb: Diamond Merkins
  • Flyover Country:  Lawnmowers x3 each arm
  • East Coast curb:  Oblique Crunches

Cool Down

  • Goblin Squats x10 (Halloween Goblet squats)
  • Triceps x10
  • Ballchinnians x10 (AKA Hammer Curls)
  • Overhead press x10




I overheard Rev Flo-Rida commenting that he liked the Bluegrass version of The Who’s classic “Pinball Wizard” as it was blasted from my tiny speaker.  So after a long an arduous search, I found it and have posted it here for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Also, I attended a house party in high school where my highs school’s band “Iron Beagle” was playing on a Friday night in the living room… after all, my friend’s parents were out of town so why not have a party?  They played great music from that era (the late 80’s), as well as some classics.  So when they started Pinball Wizard, the floor collapsed and everybody ended up in the basement.  Nobody died.  It was on the Asheville news.  Can’t make this stuff up.  My parents couldn’t figure out why I came home before curfew that night.  Good stuff.


  • Keefer’s birthday party was epic and he hasn’t been seen since.  Many trophies were awarded to ALL participants.  No one’s feelings were hurt so it went down as a success.
  • This year’s Charlotte Rescue Mission Turkey Drive will be “give the money and we will buy CRM the turkey’s” rather than “drop the turkey’s from the helicopter since (we think) they can fly.”
  • Charlotte Marathon is Veterans Day 11.11.17 and please sign up for the CLT Marathon 5k… feel free to bring along 2.0’s AND 3.0’s if you got ’em.

*My next Q appearance will be THANKSGIVING MORNING!  Come on out and get a beatdown before feasting… and feel free to bring out of town guests and 2.0’s!


  • Blue Oyster Cult :: don’t fear the reaper
  • Johnny Cash :: ring of fire
  • Bruce Springsteen :: born in the usa
  • The Doors :: break on through (to the other side)
  • Led Zeppelin :: immigrant song
  • Men at Work :: who can it be now?
  • Rush :: bastille day
  • U2 :: sunday bloody sunday
  • The Who :: pinball wizard*
  • Yes :: owner of a lonely heart
  • Violent Femmes :: blister in the sun


One thought on “11 Men for 11’s… No running in CORE!

  • October 26, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Beaver, this was awesome. You are a natural Q. Keep beating my ass and yet supplying a gratifying soundtrack, and I shall return.

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