CORE – Compilation

Q prep can come in many forms: redo others Q entirely also know as plagiarism, redo what you have done before – self-plagiarism, make up something completely new, compilation (plagiarism with footnotes so its ok), other.  Compilation is what I chose – thanks to all who came before, beat us/me down and gave me the plan – this is “your moment in the sun.”

This is what we did:

  • 15 then 10 of each: SSH, IW, Mountain Climbers, Russian Twists (with bells), Merkin Medley (diamonds, regular, wide-arms), Carolina Dry Docks, 1 Arm Presses (bell), Tricep Extensions (bell).
  • 11s – Leg Ups, Mike Tysons
  • 4x4s – 6, rise and repeat
  • Bells:  Side Lunges, Greg Louganis, Figure Eights, Swings, Upright Rows (2x: 10)
  • Cones:  alternate switching at each cone: merkins/four dragon walk strides/lunges to end; coming back switch bear crawls for dragon walk.  Next set:  skip up two cones backwards run back one cone – 5 merkins/reapet to end; coming back switch run for skips.
  • To the wall:  People’s Chair – 20 air presses, hold it; shake it out; 10 donkey kicks; People’s Chair – 15 air presses, right leg out then left leg out (yes- you put your right leg down before you raise your left leg).
  • Merry:  low flutters – 10, oblique crunches (both sides) – 10, LBCs – 25, superman – Rev led the way with impeccable tenor voice
  • Sorry that our time was up!
  • Welcome to “Looking Good”, please come back and join us!
  • Little W took us out, graciously as always!

Beautiful day to be up and out!  Thanks for the opportunity!



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