Welcome to the Jungle, Butch

8 for an early morning workout.

Run down Travis Avenue for COP.

SSH x 30

Merkins x 30

Squats x 30

Run down Elizabeth to corner of Charlottetown. Run down Elizabeth and back up stopping at each crosswalk for 10 squats. Back down Elizabeth with 10 merkins at each crosswalk. Ab exercises: In-N-Out, Bicycle, Reverse Bicycle #crowdfavorite

Run up Elizabeth toward Uptown. Stop in the Uptown Church parking deck, run up the deck doing lots of squats. Low Slow Flutter and LBCs at the top.

Run to Marshall Park for 11s of dips at the fountain and squats at the top of the hill. Plank it up. HE gave a loud ten count that probably woke up the homeless sleepers that we didn’t see until after we ran further Uptown. #Sorry

Butterfly In-N-Outs #newcrowdfavorite and Russian twists #Collusion. Run down Caldwell. Stop at the Federal Reserve (Thanks Janet Yellen) for dips and one legged lunges. Back down Trade Elizabeth. Up Elizabeth with 10 merkins at each crosswalk. Stop for wall sits and 60 x shoulder presses. Up Elizabeth to Travis. Plank and then AYG back. Done. Except we have two minutes left and HE kept me honest, so we did more Collusion Twists.


Today was the first ever documented instance of COP not at the beginning of the workout. We also ran and worked out at the now defunct Jungle AO.

Lots of mumble chatter out there today. Everyone enjoyed my aquatic themed clothing which brought back memories to HE of the intercontinental shelf off the Virginia coast which somehow transitioned to the Middle East where he spent time in the Marines with Jordanians who had no alcohol whatsoever #drydesert. However, during the dryspell the Navy #tripleoption arrived in glorious fashion (the first ever instance, according to HE) but somehow ruined the beer they brought.

Somewhere along the route Rocky Top started complaining that the workout was looking like a Butch Jones season. I guess he expects the Vols to win out. Butch might as well be lost in the Jungle. Anyhow, every Vol fan is waiting for Butch to be fired. Not really a matter of if, but when.

I thought Pitino was fired, but he showed up anyway. He talked UK football for a few minutes but was more interested in UK’s basketball practice.

Lunch Pale and Boba Fett wouldn’t stop talking about 8-tracks, which were popular in the 60s and 70s before the cassette tape took over. Most of the conversation centered on singer-songwriters Cat Stevens and Carly Simon “You’re so vain, you probably think this backblast is about you, don’t you, don’t you.”

There was a reference to Seinfeld, not that there’s anything wrong that.

Snots was on the lookout for BRR Jane. Read about the flyby here: http://f3metro.com/2017/08/27/a-little-hill-work/

Oswald was near the back of the pack, but it was because he was texting his wife raps about the workout:

We’re stuck in Uptown / just running around / I think I may throwup / If Schnauzer makes me do another pushup


Charlotte Marathon is next week. Don’t get caught in traffic.

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