So You Do It Right, and You Still Get It Wrong

I’m on Diamondhead probation.  I mean, I don’t even know if that’s a thing, but I sure feel like I under the microscope.  All I know for sure is that RibEye pulled the Sign Up genius after I was  2 minutes late to Q this past summer.  I have been allowed to Q since then, but I had to submit my workout , and play list, 14 days ahead of time for it to be approved.  Even then, 45% of my plan was scratched– something about not wanting to celebrate International Hair gel day as a holiday….

Bunch of racialists, I say….

So, I had a solid plan.  Brought enough bricks for 30 people.  And what do I get?


Lucky for me, it was a solid 9 and all pax that get me.  I mean, Ickey Shiffle digs me so much we are going on vacay together for Christmas.  it’s Puerto Rico, but what the hell we are getting a super duper deal.

here’s how the 9 of us got Funky with our monkey :

Mosey to the bball courts–gotta COP there to keep the Split Ends crew away ( they showe up any way, but after I bitch slapped Coach and The Cougar, the left ).   The standard, followed by 20 KB swings and 20 Copperhead Squats.

partner up with like size bell ( this is where I really got my feelings hurt. There were 9 of us so I got left out).  Do 2 bell exercises while pax runs to the top of the fire escape and back.  Exercises included renegade rows, squats, static hold above head,lunges,  and 2 bell swings.   Pull the plug at 30 minutes for brick work.

Mosey to bleachers for recline flies with bricks, and then tricep extensions with bells. 10 in cadence, repeat x 3.   Brick merkins and chest press the same way.

No time for anything else.  plus, my arms were twitching.


NMM:  had a ball.  I love this group.  Pump iron, run, make fun of the split ends guys, rock out.  What could be better.

Playlist here:

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