5 Years of Copperhead

There are a lot of myths about Copperheads; one myth being that they move in pairs.  For five years the men of F3 have blown this myth apart; Copperheads move in PAX! With humble beginnings offering new PAX the opportunity to try F3 with a little later start and a true commitment to leave no man behind, Copperhead has been the home and starting point for many members of the F3 family. Twelve PAX kicked off the next five years with the following tribute to Copperhead past and future:

COP (lead by the Copperhead Godfather: Raider).

SSH, IW; Merkins; Mountain Climbers; Burpees; LBCs; Copperhead Squats(R) (Exactly like other squats but done correctly).

Mosey out to the intersection in front of the Mint for an old school Copperhead 5 Rung Grinders and Rabbits Ladder. Grinders run up Eastover. Rabbits run up Hempstead. At the top 10 sumo jump squats. At the bottom 20 LBCs. Repeat 5 times.

Plank-o-rama for the 6 on the Mint front lawn.

Mosey back to the parking lot to find a 5th Anniversary present provided by current Copperhead AO Q Daisy, a really heavy wooden pole (wood being the traditional 5 year anniversary gift). Split up into three groups. Group one positioned at the start of the parking lot loop doing step ups on a really tall wall. Group 2 at halfway point doing merkins. Group 3 carrying the anniversary present as a group round the parking lot to the next group. Switch/rotate/until everyone has done it all…or until the Q screws things up and calls the next exercise prematurely.

Mosey to the Mint Short Wall for another Copperhead 5 Rung Ladder of Donkey Kicks on the Short Wall and Derkins on the Shorter Wall at the far end of the back lawn. People’s Chair for the 6 and Mosey back to the Flag!



Great to see so many faces from the 5 years of Copperhead out for the morning. Daisy has done a great job re-energizing Copperhead, bringing in more young blood (lots of PAX with a 3 at the front of their age), creating the Pre-Run (we had 4 for the 5:30 Pre-Run), keeping the 2nd F strong.

If you haven’t tried Copperhead, or haven’t been in a while, you should post!  Teaser: Mecklenburg County is in the process of providing a really nice Greenway section right at our front door that will make this an even better AO…who knows when it will be done but should be great.  Thankful to be a part of the PAX!


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  • November 1, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Workout was badass – nicely done, Sparty. And TClaps to the fresh leadership. Next 5 years will be even better.

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