Backblasts? What are those?

7 bros ran a hard ass SIB. No 300s, 400s, or 800s. No, we ran 1200s on barclay downs with heavy traffic.

The Thang:

The Moleskin:

It was a small crew. The combination of post BRR, marathon season, and the debut of #SIBlingrivalry made for a small crowd. SwampFox led the way. Got some love for the long intervals. Its nice to suffer through some of those instead of the short stuff. Really beneficial for that tempo / end of race toughness.


  • Let Me Run FallFest 5k is November 18th at Whitehall Business Park 9am – You could obviously run, plenty of F3 coaches and their teams to come support. Also, a lot of volunteer spots, Shout out in the comments and I can connect you to the volunteer coordinator.

Enjoyed it. If Sub4’s sniffles don’t go away, and Nash stays in his post-marathon rest mode…. I’ll take next week too, just sayin’


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