CMC Decks – Not Just For Thursdays Anymore

16 men arrived for a very cold (but at least not raining) start to their week.  Here is how it went:

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Art’s BBQ for COP:
    • Mtn Climbers IC x20
    • Merkins IC x10
  • Mosey to super parking deck in on CMC Main’s campus (I’m sure Slaughter has a witty name for this deck) for COP:
    • Parker Peters IC x15
    • Merkins IC x10
  • Jacob’s Ladder to 7 up insanely long ramp
  • 5 MOM
  • Run to top of stairwell, 5 merkins, run to bottom of stairwell, 5 jump squats
  • Repeat with 10, 15…and 20.
  • Mosey back to Art’s BBQ:
    • Peter Parkers IC x18
    • Merkins IC x17
  • Jailbreak to Dowd Y for COT

The Skine:

  • Thanks for coming out to help me celebrate turning 36.  Just when I started thinking 36 was old, Foul Ball correctly pointed out that there are a lot of guys in the Pax a hell of a lot older who have no trouble keeping up.  #stayhumble
  • T-claps to the #batflippers who paid their respects by not paying their respects.  They took a week off, which was thoughtful.  The heckling can begin again next Monday when FB has the lead.  He’ll page you with a reminder on Sunday.  221 447
  • Hillary got first place in the PWW Masters Division today.  Dredd got second.  There was no third.
  • Sign up to lead Mission I’m Possible:  Also, bring warm clothes to Slaughter or Pipeline.  They’ll be waiting for you every Tuesday at 5:30 am at the Men’s Shelter on Tryon.

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