The Return of the Great Pumpkin


When it comes to sincerity in F3 Metro, many would argue there is not a more sincere workout than Achilles Last Stand. Once again, the Great Pumpkin proved this belief to be true as it showed up for its annual Halloween beat down. Instead of candy, the Great Pumpkin delivered pain.

The Thang
Mosey to Selwyn Elem old teacher’s lot (have to clarify now that Selwyn has a brand-spanking new teacher’s lot which no doubt will become a regular part of the Selwyn/ AG workouts)

COP: SSH x 25/ IW x 20/ Copperhead© Squats x 20/ Slow 3-count Merkins x 15

Head to the Back 40 in search of the Great Pumpkin

Pax line up across the field facing Runnymede. At top of the hill on opposite side sits the Great Pumpkin.

Starting with the last Pax on left, one at a time, everyone runs to the Great Pumpkin to pull out an exercise. The Pax runs back to the group and announces the next exercise which everyone does until the next Pax returns with a new exercise.

With the clock winding down, head back to Selwyn Bus lot
Mary: LBC x 20/ Rosalita x 15/ Dolly x 15


Carrier is spearheading this year’s Charlotte Rescue Mission (CRM) Turkey Drive. Due to logistics, cash donations are preferred over actual frozen turkeys. Check website for link to Paypal account. The goal is to provide 500 turkeys to CRM. Also, Carrier will again perform burpees for each turkey (or cash equivalent) donated.

Lead by the ageless wonder Do Re Mi, a group of Core Pax will be running in the 5K race included in the Charlotte Marathon events. They are teaming up with the Harvest Center to help raise money for their cause. See DRM for details on how you can support them.

Ok, so almost 4 years to the day (10/29/13), YHC stepped up to Q his first workout. YHC chose Achilles Last Stand to make his debut because ALS was the first F3 workout YHC ever attended. In an effort to stand out amongst the cast of characters at ALS, YHC introduced the Great Pumpkin workout, aka WIP (Workout In a Pumpkin) courtesy of Do Re Mi. Forever grateful for the positive reception this idea received back in 2013 as well as today from ALS Pax. This concept may not play well at all workouts but is a good match for ALS because it is based on You vs. You as well as provides the ideal situation for 2nd F chatter.

This year, YHC added a “graveyard” to the Great Pumpkin. Admittedly a graveyard doesn’t really fit the theme since the Great Pumpkin is supposed to visit the most sincere pumpkin patch. But hey, if the Q wants the Great Pumpkin standing in a graveyard, then the Great Pumpkin is standing in a graveyard.

The reason for the graveyard was to have tombstones for former ALS Pax who no longer post to F3 boot camps, as well as one entity who previously wreaked havoc on the Core Pax.

Flea – the original Core Co-Site Q (with DRM). Started riding a bike and never learned how to get off

Peppers – an old school Core stalwart who has disappeared as of late….

Pippi – Hate Hate who used to dominate Core workouts. Last YHC heard, Pippi preferred working out with his wife at home to Zumba DVDs

Caddy – YHC’s mentee through F3 Metro’s mentor program. Caddy posted regularly until he got married, bought a house and took night classes to get fancy professional certifications in order to pay for said house. There’s always hope Caddy will find his way and return to the Gloom.

Mango – YHC’s one-time neighbor. At the urging (demand?) of our M’s, we agreed to start going to F3 together. Mango actually got a week’s head start and brought me to ALS for my first post. Unfortunately, Mango succumbed to the temptation of Cross Fit in a dry, warm indoor facility.

And the Lunch Lady – the result of the swirling snakes in Rev’s mind having too much down time. The legend of the Lunch Lady looms larger than the actual workout itself. Witnesses say they saw the Lunch Lady die at Attila but others claim she’s still alive….

Unlike 4 years ago, YHC provided an obscure Halloween themed playlist, for the Pax’ entertainment:
1. Helter Skelter (U2)
2. Halloween (Dave Matthews Band)
3. A Night With the Jersey Devil (Bruce Springsteen)
4. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Johnny Cash)
5. Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon)
6. Haunted (Shane MacGowan & the Popes featuring Sinead O’Connor)
7. Hell in a Bucket (Grateful Dead)
8. Zombie Zoo (Tom Petty)
9. Bride of Frankenstein (The Squalls)
10. A Nightmare on My Street (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)
11. Freaks Come Out At Night (Whodini)
12. The Simpsons Halloween Special End Credits Theme

Thanks to Foo for the keys today. Great seeing so many Pax who posted 4 years ago for the first rendition of the Great Pumpkin. To all the Pax who posted today – keep coming back each week to avoid your name ending up on an ALS tombstone.

Have a safe Halloween – you deserve it!


One thought on “The Return of the Great Pumpkin

  • November 1, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Yes, their are lunch lady sightings more than a year since she passed. however, just like Elvis and Tupac, she is dead. Great is the sorrow , my friends, great is the sorrow. And yet, I am hopeful that their will be a day when something greater and stronger will present itself.

    Might have to do with dairy goats, that’s all I will reveal at this time.

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