trick or treat yourself to some ranger

9 candy fueled pax got after it at Ranger this morning.


  • 2 X 4 Corners at Park, Travis, Elizabeth, Hawthorne
    • 1. 10 Diamonds at each
    • 2. 5 Burpees at each
  • Head to the Castle
    • Partner up
      • Zipper up the stairs to the top & 10 handslap merkins on each floor
      • Flutters
    • Ramp run to the top
      • forwards on the straights, backwards up the ramps, 10 jump squats each floor
    • Partner up
      • Zipper to the top with 10 partner derkins each, each floor
      • Stairclimbers, LBCs, Russian twists
    • 2 X up the stairs with 10 burpees at top & 5 burpees at bottom
    • Flutters & LBCs
  • Head to Playground
    • 10 Pull-ups & 20 Dips
  • COT


  • If you see any of Thin Slice’s kids this week sneak them a KitKat or two. I heard he replaced all their candy with hardboiled eggs and celery.
  • If you happened to find a grown man in whitey tighties and a motor cycle helmet covered in snickers wrappers in your front yard this morning, return him to  Fishwrap’s house.
  • I cry a little inside every time Cindy isn’t at Ranger, but I’ll give him a pass this time since I know he his prepping for his upcoming trip to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia this weekend. Our mascot got suspended this past week, so let me know if you want to borrow my coonskin cap (the tail goes in the back).
  • Dredd, also not in attendance, but with his professed love for Bobby Huggins, I hear he wore a Huggy Bear costume last night, complete with tracksuit and a full court press.
  • Happy Birthday to Mighty Wind & thanks for the takeout.
  • Mugsy is your Q next week.

One thought on “trick or treat yourself to some ranger

  • November 2, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    You’ve all been brainwashed by BIG CANDY… poison… You smear a little all natural, no-stir, organic, shade grown, free trade, non-GMO almond butter on that celery, now you got yourself a real treat.

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