Is it Friday Yet?

17 for an oddly warm November dip in the tank


Over to the Target deck

  • 5 xfit burpees at the top of the stairs, across the deck and down, 5 xfit burpees at the bottom
  • Repeat with 6, 7, and 8 (#stupid)

Back to the ball of hate.


Merkins, flutters x 25 and hold, boat/canoe (#predictable)

Down the greenway to the clock tower. 5 wide-arms at every other light post (#redundant).

Heels to heaven. Grab some wall.

  • Jump-ups x 12
  • Dips x 15
  • Derkins x 12
  • Derkins x 12 (#wejustdidthat)
  • Dips x 15
  • Jump-ups x 12

Down Morehead to Edgehill Park. RT’s and knee-ups. Partner up.

  • Partner 1 around the park in one direction, partner 2 the other. 10 partner derkins each and 10 burpees each when you meet (#itsalongwayaround).
  • Meet 4 times (#whythe2ndlap?).

Down to the tennis court. 8’s with jump-ups on 1 side of the court and jump-ups on the other (#dark, #notcreative).

Just enough time for some Harding Lurker (#why?, #wehavetobeovertime).

  • Backwards run up, 15 diamonds, back down, 15 diamonds.
  • AYG to the top, 10 burpees, back down.


  • Thought it was just going to be me and Slaughts for the first 15, which would have been fine by the way. Always good to catch up with Slaughts. But he was tired today, and he wasn’t going to hold up his part of the conversation, which is most of it when you’re with me. So I was happy to see Curly run in with newbie Joe Dirt, then finally the invariably right-on-time #Swampflipper.
  • Was PBo late for the early, or early for the late? Wiser men than I would have to answer, cuz I’m torn. But if they’re so wise, why are they thinking about PBo and when he shows up for Sharktank?
  • Lots of white, cotton t-shirts this morning. They are ugly. They are not good for working out. But I don’t care, I’m still going to vote for Mutiny (and the Jet). Early voting ends this Saturday. Don’t get caught in all the crowds, get out there and vote for our boys.
  • Tormund is going for FW’s consecutive day record from his first post, he just won’t admit it.
  • I don’t know Cherry Pop, but he ran very fast up the Harding Lurker, and I appreciate the great take-out in COT.


  • Go vote.
  • The Net, 6:30 Thursdays, Panera on Providence

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