Flexing into the weekend

with minimal twitter warning, 21 men got after it at SPARTA today under YHC’s direction.

Down to the Rusan’s parking lot for COP.

  • SSH X10
  • High Knees x10 (with lots of complaining….your hip flexors will thank me….then your woman will thank you for those loose hips….
  • Merkin Medley – variety pack of merkins doing 4 IC of each. (Regular, Wide Arm, Diamond, Right hand stagger, Left hand stagger, Right foot high, Left foot high, finish with 8 IC regular)

Fully warmed up..mosey to Sarah Marks ave to start the circuit work (Sarah Marks, to Ideal, Ledgewood, Dilworth Rd W.  Partner up and ask for official Trademark from Lee.

Lap 1: run opposite directions and meet in the middle and at the start/finish point for 15 hand slap merkins at each spot (30 total).

Lap2: 15 partner derkins, 15 partner sit ups

Lap 3: 15 partner derkins, 15 partner sit ups, 10 jump over burpees

Mary to collect my thoughts.

Mosey to butterfly park and use the man weight for 3 rounds of Pull Up and Derkins to FAILURE on each round.  Then 50 Merkins and 100 LBC’s OYO.

Time’s up, back to home base stopping one 5 burpees along the way.


  • Slice, Lee, and Nabisco were flying today….they were also a 3-some on partner work and created some interesting looking silhouettes in the street lights of dilworth.  I’d compare them to a popular monument in Paris….the tall one.  But they were efficient.
  • Half the pax didn’t understand or DGAF about partner Sit ups…so i made sure to punish them with more mary IC after the circuit work.  #Accountability
  • Solid chest pump today made up for the low mileage (~3).
  • Doobie’s expectations/wishes for my Q were much different than what was delivered.  I hope this still satisfied Sparta Management and I’m invited back again.  Maybe next time we’ll give the stacker a shot to see if anyone completes it.


  • Get out and Vote next Tuesday, it’s your civic duty.  FYI only, two F3 brothers in the race; Kenny Smith aka The Jet – Mayor and Parker Cains aka Mutiny – City Council at Large.   Kind of funny a guy named Mutiny is running for office.
  • Speed for Need – CLT Marathon in 11/11.  Come run with us and the chairs.  I think we’ll have 50+ F3 guys running with the chairs at some point or another as part of the relay.

Baywatch with the takeout.  Thank you brother!

Thanks Slice and Doobie for the keys.

-Redd Foxx

One thought on “Flexing into the weekend

  • November 3, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Paula… never forget our man Paula… all 23 years of him.
    Beat down was more than sufficient. Whisper cadence, however, needs work. Surprised we didn’t get a few kimono’s out on Sarah Marks giving the stink eye. And apparently no one on that block owns a dog…

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