Bricktomania, brickorama, bricktopia, etc.

A couple of times each year it’s fun to break out the bricks.  Pavers, to be exact.  Hardly a couple of pounds each but it’s amazing how heavy those things can begin to feel after 45 minutes.  Aside for a mid workout respite of SSH, the pavers were in constant movement.

After a brief warmup each pax retrieved two pavers from the back of YHC’s Jeep and headed to the best grass in F3 land.  Circle up to start the fun and festivities, all with bricks in hand.

Jack Webb up to 12.

Move to park sideline.

10 thruster press, then clap lunge across field to other sideline.

Windmill in cadence, bear crawl halfway across then mosey.

10 Superman merkins, backward run across.

Protractor flys in cadence, crab walk halfway then mosey.

Bent over flys, karaoke across.

LBC’s in cadence (Yes, with bricks, held between knees. Disclaimer!) then karaoke across.

Hold deep squat with two brick curls in cadence.  Clap lunge across.

10 prisoner get ups.  Backward run across.

Hold deep squat arm circles, forward and backward.  Bear crawl halfway then mosey.

Dieing cockroach in cadence.  Crab walk halfway the mosey.

Hold deep squat, presses in cadence.

Mosey Down greenway to halfway to Dresslers.  Stop for set of decline plankorama.

Continue mosey to Dresslers.  10 step ups each leg, 10 sit ups (feet up on ledge, bricks touch toes), 10 derkin manmakers.  Put down your bricks for SSH x 30.  Pick ‘em back up.  RxR step ups, sit ups and derkin manmakers.

Mosey back to rails for more decline brick plankorama.

Back to field.  Circle up.  Dolly with bricks in hand and arms extended.  10 pike ups.  Done.

Perfect cool temps, extended and intense mumblechatter, and solid work by all.


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