The Whole Shebang

Very pleasant morning this morning for early November.  Gotta love being able to attend a workout in shorts sleeves this time of year, although Sir Topham seemed to think the humidity level was too high this morning.

Here’s what we did.

The Thang:

Mosey directly to the train lot for COP.

  • 20 Merkins IC
  • 10 Power Mountain Climbers IC

Start the circuit:

  • 10 pull ups at the playground and across the bridge to the stairs.
  • 20 dips and up the stairs and around to the rails for 10 supines.
  • Head to the bottom of The Lurker for 5 burpees
  • Up The Lurker with 10 Chgerkins (Thanks Lee) at each of the two speed humps
  • 15 sumo jump squats at the top
  • Back down The Lurker and back around past the owl bars to the playground and repeat.

Shoot for 4 loops depending on time.

Head back to the lot, with some random number of merkins, depending on what you decided to do on your way back.

Naked Moleskin:

Good group out this morning.  I think Uncle has managed to keep WIB on the rails by lining up some solid Qs in the coming weeks.  I don’t think today should’ve disappointed.  I believe everyone completed 3 rounds of the circuit, and probably close to half got in the projected 4 rounds.  Cindy, who was way out front all morning, completed 5 rounds (#STRONG).  Sir Topham and YHC had him in our sights for the first couple, but he just continued to pull away.  I decided to stop after 4 rounds and start some Mary with Sir Topham, expecting the PAX would see us and follow suit.  This obviously did not work, and YHC pretty much lost control of the workout.  Sir Topham called it a complete Mutiny.  Better instructions from the Q will be needed next time we do this one.  Cindy was too far ahead for me to have him stop after 4 rounds, so he continued with his 5th.  I assumed the PAX would end up the last round at the playground and see that we had started some Mary, but that didn’t happen.  Never safe to assume.  Regardless, it appeared that everyone made a strong push back to the lot with various merkins at certain crosswalks.  If you did the 4 rounds, you should have logged around 4.15 miles.  I think Santa Maria and Jeeves decided to do the full mile back and may have ended up with some extra credit.  Pretty strong after completing 4 rounds of that horror.  At one point, Sir Topham said to me “this really sucks,” which I took as a compliment.  Cindy even used the phrase, ” best WIB of the year!” (#highpraise).  That guy was flying this morning.  He said he was exercising some demons from the weekend.  I would say the demons were exercised for sure.

Today is election day!  Parker Cains and Kenny Smith need our votes.  For Parker, remember to just vote for him in the at large race.  This will actually give him 2 votes (sounds shady, but is apparently legit).  At COT, Mutiny appeared to be racking up several more votes, until he took his shirt off.

Thanks to Smokey for the short but strong takeout, and thanks to Uncle for letting me run the show this morning.

Always an honor.



One thought on “The Whole Shebang

  • November 7, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    Cindy gets to wear the virtual #TurnoverChain until next week.

    Curly, the #shebang was the real deal, covered all the bases. Thanks for leading us and keeping it humble.

    Hoping F3 Metro shows out in these elections!

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