A letter from Panda’s left shoulder

This is not a Black Widow backblast. This is a rebuke of the 11/7 Black Widow workout from Panda’s left shoulder.  I think 24 of the 25 pax would agree that we should never again steal significant chunks of dead trees from someone’s yard and run around Cotswold with them on our shoulders.  The lone dissenter would be Grizzly, the perpetrator of this workout and all-around rough character.  Have you seen his beard?  It means he is outdoorsy.

Onto the real reason for this backblast, Prometheus. Nine stalwarts showed up, most of them really fast.  Good thing the track figured heavily in the workout today.  When YHC arrived, Ice was sitting in his car with the heat on.  My first thought is that he has gotten soft with his cushy new private sector job.  I still am not ready to give up on this notion, but he said that he really “just needed the extra 15 minutes this morning.”  Considering that Ice commutes an hour each way to workout with the metro crew, this struck me as weird.  Who I am to question though.  He then proceeded to ask the group to try cracking his back.  I tried first…..no success.  Kept to myself that my hammy started to cramp when I picked him up.  Orange Whip tried next and employed the back-to-back arm-lock method.  Besides the treat of seeing Ice’s impression of a helpless bug on his back, this didn’t work either.  The upside is that we were able to determine Ice’s second super power – he is heavier than he looks.  He shared that when he was little his sister, who apparently has superhuman hand-eye coordination and actual skills, would win all the stuffed animals at the fairs.  Ice 9 would only win one at the Guess your Weight booth, because the guesser always guessed low.  His first superpower is obviously his ability to puke during workouts and keep going.

Enough about the ginger one.


What we did:


Rhapsody and KC – management – performed a sweep of the AO along with KC’s dog. #forgettinghername.   Afterwards, KC performed a sweep of the Randolph Middle port-a-jon.

Regular time

Run around the school and back to where we started.


The usual SSH, merkins, Heels to Heaven, widearms, LBCs, diamonds, MCs

Run back around the school and stop at the picnic tables for 11s of derkins and dips. #worsethannormal.

Commentary: Caesar when to Italy and dropped his child(ren) off with strangers so he and his M could experience Europe “like they were dating..” Unclear whether they enjoyed each other’s company. Seahawk (I think) and Boba talked about shows they enjoy.  Seahawk claimed that his show featured men who dwindled down to 80lbs from 180.  Boba admitted to watching Naked and Afraid.  All others generally agreed that Clemson and Dabo are simply awesome.  And that NC State and their coach aren’t.

To the track

Basically the pattern was this. Run # of laps called at an almost AYG pace and regroup for exercises in between.  1 lap, then stuff, 2 laps, then stuff, 1 lap with bear crawl and lunge walks on turns 3 and 4, then stuff, 2 laps, then stuff, 1 lap with BC and LW on turns 1 and 2, then stuff, two laps and take it back to the parking lot.

*Stuff included squats, merkins, burpees, Carolina Drydocks and some sort of mary each time.

LBCs and burpees to finish out and COT



  • Foreclosure believes that not posting has been the key to UGA’s season so far and refuses to post until the season is over. If they lose to Auburn this weekend, he will realize that he has absolutely nothing to do with how the Bulldogs plan and will stop becoming fat
  • Boba was auditing squat form for the pax. Which is a defense mechanism, obviously.
  • Lynchpin created a fake out of town business trip when he learned that YHC had the Q today. Either that or his shoulder fell off after carrying Grizzly’s tree
  • I noticed that O Whip’s bearcrawl is pedestrian at best. Filing that away for later. He claimed that he was focusing on form and not speed.
  • Every time I wondered where Seahawk was on the track, he appear silently at my side before leaving me in the dust. He run like he weighs 80lbs
  • Rhap was waaay out front on most of the track work. Not sure how he is doing it, but I suspect cheating.
  • Hope everyone enjoyed it. I am shot right now.



  • Great takeout by Caesar
  • CLT marathon and incredible Speed for Need showing coming up this weekend. Run if you can and/or come out to cheer your brothers on
  • Billingsville going strong and still needs our help. I am looking at you, Panda
  • KC led Peru mission trip is in January and they are gathering clothing (children and adult) to take down. KC can provide details
  • Slaughter may be doing the same thing for winter clothing for the men’s shelter. I think I saw something about that
  • Go be good

2 thoughts on “A letter from Panda’s left shoulder

  • November 9, 2017 at 10:50 am

    I am still struggling to understand exactly what we were doing at BW on Tuesday, what with all the rotting tree limbs. I refuse to post again until I can make some sense of it.

  • November 9, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    Panda. Linch. Truly, that means the world to me. You will both have a special place for my next Q. I’m thinking partners carries non stop. And Panda, it’s Movember, the beard game is about to blow up. Be watchful.

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