All Uphill From Here

16 men turned up at Carmel Road Park for a peer-led bootcamp-style workout

Promptly at 5:30, mosey to far corner of launch point for LSS IC x20, Merkins IC x31

Run to corner of Colony and Sharonview (1 mile)

Elbow plank on 6, then Flutter, Rosalita x20 IC

Mosey back up Colony to guardrail over creek, partner up

A: 20 Inverted rows on the guardrail/B: LBCs Flapjack

A:10 Rows/ B: LBCs Flapjack

Short mosey to the long steel barrier: Derkins x 12 IC

Mosey to the former site of the Giverny mansion (torn down for what?), bear crawl opposite way of your partner around the circular driveway, 20 Dumbocrats when you meet (supposed to be a full lap and more, audibled out)

Keep going uphill to Monet – dead end street with a little decline. Complete 4 rounds of HR Merkins at the top, Jump Squats at the bottom, with reps of 20-15-10-5 each exercise

LBCs on the 6, then Dolly IC x21

Mosey to C@C Parking lot for the mini-beast (don’t sue us Lee) 4 trips up the long side of building: 3 stops for 6 reps each trip. Exercises: Bobby Hurleys, Jerkins, Burpees, Diamonds

Pick up the 6 for a quick Indian run looping around parking lot and back to launch

Grayson Allen IC x6 L, x6 R. End.

Announcements: SFN Marathon relay: many ways to get out & support.

One Eye took us out. Mileage around 3.4


  • First order of business: A few of us who overlapped DMZ this past Monday were relieved that the AO seemingly survived Kirk’s sustained, and unprovoked, CBRN attack. As a precaution, it was prudent to go opposite of the DMZ workout path today…..
  • Welcome back to Maize who I believe used to be Metro pax (before my time) and has been a stalwart in Raleigh for years now. Credited with Chappy’s EH
  • I suspect we’ll have more G-spot visitors as Southpark hotels continue to proliferate
  • Chappy took the trouble to remind the pax that, after running downhill to open the workout, we would have to run uphill to finish the workout. Thanks, Chappy
  • Tardy and Chalet @6:30 pace looks like a warmup jog
  • Good lord, the complaining about the bear crawl
  • Great to have Tantrum and Chico back with us, and great to see Cooter, Big Willie, and Jamboree out week in week out #Consistency
  • Boomer prefers “Mookie Blaylocks” to “Bobby Hurleys” – I’m completely amphibious in the matter
  • One Eye and Silent Bob enjoyed every minute of my “Southpark trilogy” -DMZ, Casbash, Gov Qs in 9 days
  • Film is back, but when will he post close to home?


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