Crotch Rocket Makes a Terrible Mistake

15 gathered on the hallowed grounds of MPHS and did this thing that we like to call Mustang.  Here is what transpired…-ish:

The Thang:

Mosey to Michael Baker for the Beast, x6 burpees at 3 stops along the way to the top and at those same 3 stops on the way back.  #warmup

Intro of The Loop™:  Run down Runnymede to Colony, left on Colony all the way to Selwyn, left on Selwyn to Runnymede, left on Runnymede back to start (big loop!) … with escalating merkins at each intersection/cross street … ~2 miles and 171-ish merkins. #F3FunRun […with still 30 minutes to go!]

Mary whilst we wait on the six

Mosey to that good old hill next the Selwyn Elementary track (the Ankle Breaker?) that’s not-as-slippery-as-it-used-to-be (#mulch) for a good old Jacob’s Ladder, Classic Edition, 7 trips up to the top with x1-x7 burpees

More Mary at the top whilst we wait for six (including box cutters and reverse box cutters … crowd pleasers)

Mosey to rails in the heart of AG for supine pull-ups, x10IC … 3 rounds, with two 2-count rests from CR in-between

Mosey to Folsom Prison for 11s (jump-ups and derkins) and for someone’s own not-so-private-chemical-warfare campaign against his fellow Pax #cruel&unusual

Plank while six finishes

Mosey to base of Spacklers…run to the top with 5-10-15-20 sumo jump squats along the way

Mosey to down back side…backwards run up (DIB wheelhouse)

AYG back home


Naked Moleskin:

CR Levels Up.  CR jumped up a level from his usual AG workout to join the Mustang crew.  While he immediately regretted that decision, he did bring his A+ mumblechatter game to the party however.  CR was a particularly avid “fan” of The Loop … and burpees … and running … and keeping up with a weight-vested Agony … and pretty much everything.  #NeverComingBack

The Loop™.  Terrible … and great … and wildly popular with the Pax (in terms of stirring the pot and inspiring feedback for the Q).  Will look at doubling up (and reverse coursing it) next time.  #LoopDeLoop  If we just repeated the first half of the workout, we would have gotten close to 6 miles total (same as last week) but settled for “only” 5 with a ton of merkins/burpees.  Strong work by the Pax, but special shout-out to Benefactor for doing that after 5/6ths of the Worm … and to Agony for doing that with a corseted weight vest (which 50% of the Pax owned at one time) while having to listen to CR and Dread’s constant mumblechatter.  Apologies to SFox for choosing a potentially dangerous hill for the Jacob’s Ladder (#SafetyFirst) and for no doubt disappointing him that there was no Lee 500 (again)…t-claps for crushing The Loop though.

Other City News Austin doesn’t allow Uber in its city limits.  St. Louis is passing a new parking ordinance.  Pittsburgh is in Pennsylvania.  Just FYIs.  #TheMoreYouKnow

Shameless Plugs Billingsley Elementary, AG Middle School, Fortitude and MIP:  all opportunities to use your F3 powers for good.  Slaughter is collecting cold weather workout gear for the Men’s Shelter/Fortitude crew.  Ping CR with potential EH/Pax leads in St. Louis, Austin and other LEAP cities.  #YouAreFreedToLead

#TAPs.  Agony’s grandmother (bunion).  Dread’s upper-body all-cotton throw towel (dated).  F3 Metro’s failing backblast completion rate (#sad!).

Thanks, Holtz, for the opportunity to lead — and thanks to SFox for taking my original Q date from the week before.


“Failure is success if we learn from it.”  —Malcolm Forbes

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