Never Skip #LogDay

DISCLAIMER: Neither myself or my employer benefitted in any way from the events that took place despite the skepticism and grumblings of the PAX.

A few months ago we had a pretty stout storm roll through the corner office area.  As I watched from my window facing south a huge gust of wind bledw through and snapped multiple trees along Providence Road.  Line Trucks and tree services jumped to the scene clearing the roads that the Black Widow PAX frequent.  But then there was the house on the corner….

This house has seeminglt been unoccipuied for as long as i remember.  It stands on the corner pf providence and walker between the high priced preschool and BW Host AO.  You would never even pay it any attentiotn except for the fact that since this storm rolled throuhg the hood its had 3 massive trees on the house and in the front yard.  not quite sure whats goin on here but this one is ripe for some squatters.

Anyways, it would seem that the neighborhood has been slighted by this eyesore and a few weeks ago someone posted a ” Free Firewood” sign at the front of the decrepid estate.  A few takers had come through and began sizing up the fallen trees and had even gone so far as to selectively cut up said trees into perfect sized logs for hauling away.

Im not quite sure how long said logs had been prepared for the harvest, but upon inspection these were sized appropriately for the PAX to sling over shoulder and haul away….

And so upon final log inspection the plan was set.  The logs were strategically placed and thoroughly shaken to ensure no real Black Widows made an appearance.

Tha Thang:

After quick warm-up in the Trinity Presbyterian Bosque of SSH, IW, MC & MERKs we partnered up and proceed to Log extrication point.

The headlights were on to ensure the safety of the PAX and as we arrived mass confusion erupted.  The PAX were directed to proceed with LOG selection and removal and to carry said log towards the hotbox.  There was much unrest and mumblechatter as the stragegies soon developed.  PAX were scrambling to find logs appropriately sized and ones that felt good and ones that didnt have too much dirt, etc, etc.  I evenb heard reference to pulling out some Rev Flo Rida Shit…I know he’ll be proud to hear that.

Anyways, Logs were selected and me and my RESPECT partner Panda proceed to haul said log towards the deck.

Upon arrival we moved close to the lights of the parking lot and once the logs were droppped the fear began to set it.  Log selection was heavily scrutinized and some partner ground even doubled up due to the size selected.  No matter, the call of the day was to lift heavy things…and thats what we did.   Quick mosey to the hot box to grab the big and little coupons and then back under the lights to begin.


Partner Teams:

Round 1:

P1 – Carry log to the middle light pole and back

P2 – Curls with CMU Blocks

Flapjack until team reached 200 Curls


Round 2:

P1 – Carry log to the middle light pole and back

P2 – Squats with CMU blocks

Flapjack until team reaches 200 Squats


Dump the Logs near the dumpster and carry coupons into the hotbox.

Drop the little coupons

Round 3:

P1 – Hairburners down the deck with the big coupons

P2 – Handslappers


Round 4: Tower of Terror

Up and down the 98 Steps of the Corner Office

Mosey Back to the AO, 2 minutes late….



Welp, this was a new one and it could’ve gone downhill real fast. We had some very impressive work by the PAX this morning.  This was my first post since the return to normal time (hate DST) and I miss that post workout sunrise, it was nice.  Speaking of nice, Nibbler was suprisingly quite this morning, Im sure the lack of running and focus on lifting heavy stuff was the real reason but I’m beginning to think he’s a softie…Speaking of softies, Coach with the big win on Friday night was trying to rally the troops and make sure that election day went off without a hitch.  I think he may have some sweet t-shirts if anyones interested.  Coach, I think its time you threw your hat in the political arena.  Perfect form Madras didnt quite know what to do with the log variable thrown into the mix but he tackled it as he does all workouts.  Ruby, my carpool buddy, was not interested in the early morning preparations nor my after workout shenanigans…I guess its time.  Big Worm reppin hard today, copperfit was loving the log snatches.  The ambiguous duo Beaker and Seaworld seemed to be feeling better since thier first Ruck experience last Friday at #Speedruck albiet sans headlamp (safety first bro).  Glad you figured out how the clock works.  Still need a copy of “withnail” Im intrigued.  Double Eagle LIFO..again….where does this guy go in his Coal Burner? Hamlet had to run too…probably had something really cool to do.  Double Knot was jovial as always, unfortunately, the firewood I promised him was soon thrown in the dumpster we placed it near, sorry bro, Harris Teeter has some.  Drone, animal. I think he’s a spy.  Just Sayin.  Bullwinkle, I didnt actually see him carry a log, he might have just actually carried his partner instead.  50 Shades, this is your making, I hope we lived up to the Black Widow heritage with this workout, thanks for pushing the Vote this am.  Boon Doggle and Field of dreams, looking good on the plank action, im kidding, I never saw you guys till the end (lurker). Newport seemed to be diggin the log tossing action, lots of enthusiasm.  GAAP, nice to meet you finally, I’ve given you more Strava kudos than I care to admit.  Able was quiet today, didn’t hear much from you till the end, hope you were willing (see what I did there) Panda, good work today Padna (see what i did there), I want whatever your having…at 52 dudes outpacing the 30yr olds.  Monk and Chowda, I’ve got to let the truth out, the neighborhood watch committee has been trying to clean up the corner lot for awhile now and dammit we just need a few more Tuesdays and we’ll get it.  I’ll need you guys to keep cutting em up into good sized pieces so make sure you stick to the plan.  Get out and vote you pansies, our nation is created by men and women that fought and died for that freedom, exercise it. Billingsville Tuesdays 4:30, help a child, you help a man, you help a family, you help a nation.  Turkey day soon, bring money not Turkeys, collections start soon. Roaring Riot, come out, drink beer (or liquor) and give money, Pitino not at the workout but you can find out more at SpeedforNeed at the Charlotte Marathon this weekend, lots of press for the Veterans pushing Veterans, Run, Ruck, come out and show your support. Thanks for the takeout Coach, well said, time to Lead.

Also, there is a video and it rocks.




3 thoughts on “Never Skip #LogDay

  • November 9, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    after reading this, I feel bad about what my left shoulder wrote about Grizzly in my Promo backblast. you never know what your shoulder will say when it is bruised and battered.

    Regarding BW. Were there fire ants? Yes, there were fire ants.

    • November 9, 2017 at 10:37 pm

      All is forgiven. Not really. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  • November 9, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Grizzly, great to meet you as well and thanks for the Strava kudo’s! I’ve been frequenting Achilles Last Stand most Tuesdays, and was unaware of the BW neighborhood beautification program – solid and creative beatdown. The run through the office space was a nice touch complete with F3 directional signs.

    Huge T-Claps to my partner, Field of Dreams, who had no trouble with the heavier, triple-branch, end of our log.

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